His name is Professor Agyekum; he is on Peace FM most days during the week on the station’s Kokroko Programme.

He claims to be a neutral voice; but is he really neutral?

This Opanyin Agyekum man is a rabid NPP supporter and he cannot pretend not to be in the belly of the elephant.

The Informer has been listening to him for years but we are unable to continue to hide our thoughts about this man.

We listened to Opanyin Agyekum yesterday, and we are outraged by his thoughts on the Police inviting Ernest Owusu-Bempah for questioning vis-à-vis the latter’s reckless statement about the First Lady, Dr. Mrs. Naadu Mills receiving $5 million from Mr. Alfred AgbesiWoyome.

Sitting in the studios of Peace FM, and goaded on by Ursula Owusu and Alfred “Nokofio gbormorba ye” Ogbamey, Opanyin Agyekum disappointed many a person with his obtuse line of talk.

In the mind of Opanyin Agyekum, President Atta Mills and his wife must quickly get Owusu-Bempah released from Police custody.

Is it President Mills and his wife who picked up Owusu-Bempah?

Is it not strange that a university professor will have this kind of obtuse mindset?

In the mind of Opanyin Agyekum, Ernest Owusu-Bempah must be allowed to continue to go on air libelling and slandering no less a person than the President and his wife.

Opanyin Agyekum is of the view that the airwaves must be given to Owusu-Bempah to run down the President and his wife.

This Opanyin Agyekum; was he not a member of Kufuor’s so-called National Peace Council (NPC)?

As a former member of the NPC, does Opanyin Agyekum think that the loose talk of Owusu-Bempah will bring peace to Ghana?

Is Opanyin Agyekum saying that we should all sit idly by and allow some reckless boy to set this country ablaze?

Is Opanyin Agyekum saying he does not know that it was reckless talk on radio in Rwanda, which caused the death of over 1 million Rwandese?

Is Opanyin Agyekum saying that as professor of linguistics, he does not hear what goes on, on Oman FM?

For somebody who hosts a programme on Radio Universe, is Opanyin Agyekum saying he will allow Owusu-Bempah to have a field day insulting the President and the First Lady on the University of Ghana’s radio station?

This Opanyin Agyekum; is he not a Professor of linguistics at Legon?

This OpanyinAgyekum; does he not attempt to be a voice of reason on Peace FM? And he thinks that Owusu-Bempah must not be questioned by the CID?

Professor OpanyinAgyekum: are you being fair to your conscience by asking the CID not to question Owusu-Bempah?

This Woyome matter has become a matter of national interest and if somebody says that he knows it for a fact that the First Lady has benefited from the “booty” why should the person not be invited to substantiate his wild allegation? OpanyinAgyekum would have the world believe that it is the President and his wife who have ordered the arrest of Owusu-Bempah. Such wickedness!!

Has OpanyinAgyekum forgotten that we have state institutions with the mandate to carry out their duties?

So the Police CID don’t have the mandate to ask Owusu-Bempah legitimate questions?

OpanyinAgyekum; why are you doing this to yourself?

Is this the kind of thing that you teach your students in Legon?

Has Opanyin Agyekum forgotten about Nana Darkwa; the guy who said President Rawlings burnt his house?

Has Opanyin Agyekum forgotten about John Kumah; who foolishly said that the President and Mr. Ato Awhoi are gay partners?

Has Opanyin Agyekum forgotten about the guy in Kumasi who said the President looks like a chimpanzee?

Did President Atta Mills not ignore all those comments? The question is; should President Atta Mills continue to ignore all the foolishness that is going on in the media?

Indeed, should state institutions continue to ignore all the foolishness that goes on, on some radio stations?

According to Opanyin Agyekum “Oheneduamantimanti”. It is true! But after tolerating all the nonsense, should the Police and other state institutions continue to allow the nonsense to go on? Is Opanyin Agekum saying that he will sit idly by and allow Owusu-Bempah to insult his wife?

We ask again: will Opanyin Agyekum “duamantimanti” if his wife is scandalised by some wee-smoking and cocaine-sniffing riff-raff?

If that is what Opanyin Agyekum is saying, that is his business. We have come to the point where the nonsense of Owusu-Bempah can no longer be countenanced and if the likes of Opanyin Agyekum cannot accept this fact, they can go to hell and rot there.

We have had enough of the nonsense and it must stop!

If Owusu-Bempah has evidence that the First Lady benefited from Woyome’s judgement debt, he must provide the evidence.

We cannot continue to have vagabonds walking around and maligning decent people. The Informer is serving notice that this is the first in a series of articles on Opanyin Agyekum.

We have had enough of the pretence of Opanyin Agyekum and we are letting him know that we no longer hold him in high esteem and will continue to expose him for the NPP character that he is.

Opanyin Agyekum; The Informer is on your case and we will make sure we give you sleepless nights if you don’t stop your stinking NPP propaganda agenda on Peace FM.

Source: The Informer


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