If you’re looking to buy a laptop and you’re not sure about what type of laptop to get, i suggest you read this article first so that you have an understanding of what to look for when its time to go ahead and make the purchase. When it comes to purchasing a laptop you’re going to see a variety of models on display in the store. And what you need to do is decide which model suits your needs best. For example if you are a practical computer user, it wouldn’t make much sense to purchase a laptop with a mega sized hard drive and many gigs of ram memory. What would suit you best would possibly be something more modest. Keep in mind that just 2 years ago having 1 gig of ram in the computer was normal and common, now they are trying to make you feel as if anything less than 8 gigs of ram is going to be insufficient. But the reality is, any computer with 2-3 gigs of ram should be just fine for you, there is one thing that you need to make sure about your new purchase however.

And that is the Processor speed; you have to make sure that the computer comes equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor.

Having this chip in your computer makes a world of a difference justifying the cost of it. You should have no problem finding a computer with at least a Core 2 Duo Processor at the store, any store should have no problem setting you up with this laptop for $350, which is a reasonable amount of money given that this computer should last you easily 3-5 years with proper maintenance.

Now aside from looking at the internal components, there’s Brand name you have to sort through. And from my own personal opinion I will say off the bat, stay away from HP, Compaq, Dell.

Now these computers are fine and everything, but you don’t want to buy the ones that you see in the stores. Those are the home line computers which are prone to failure much more than what is available online, the Business Class of laptops. These business class laptops have one thing about them that should make any potential computer owner happy, and that is build quality. These laptops are made with much more solid materials and are less prone to structural failure. The biggest fault with the computers that you see in the stores is that they are made with flimsy plastic, which are very thin and very susceptible to force trauma.

These home line computers are also made in the cheapest manners imaginable, just recently in the past year companies have been building home line computers of higher grade components. Most notable of these better computers in the stores are the Samsung, Lenovo, and Asus brands. These computers are built fairly well with sleek finishes and proper ventilation designs. Samsungs are generally more expensive of the three, with Lenovo close behind, and certain Asus computers are cheaper. So from this i would recommend landing in the middle and choose the Lenovo.

What’s great about the Lenovo which sets it apart distinctly from the other two which i named is the options available to you whom you didn’t realise were there until you start using it. It’s the little things which are going to make you fall in love with it, the computer has a very smart monitoring system built in which recognizes the little things. The biggest of these is that it is very good with chargers and batteries. When you unplug the charger you get a little chime signalling to you that the charger has been removed. And when you plug it in you get another chime as well. Go with a Lenovo, it’s definitely one of the better laptops around. Thank you for reading and visit us at USA Computer Store in Broward Florida! And we are well known for computer repair Fort Lauderdale and computer repair Broward.

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