Member of Parliament for the Tema East constituency, Hon. Titus Glover has expressed dissatisfaction at the passing of a new law imposing a one per cent import duty on outboard motors used by fishermen to power their vessels and boats.

?We see this as total insensitivity on President Mahama?s government because they are not ready to listen to the Minority in Parliament,? he said.

The import levy bill was approved by Parliament on Wednesday.

In an interview on Eyewitness News Hon. Titus Glover said: ?My heart is full of pain because we have a government that thrives on social policy, and claims to be for the ordinary man on the street.

We want Ghanaians to understand that when it comes to the sensitivity of their challenges and problems particularly in the fishing community, the NDC is found wanting.?

According to him, the Finance Committee under the Certificate of Urgency, reported that because there had been a short gap in the revenue generation of the country, they were looking at other areas to raise additional revenue for development.

He indicated that though he did not have a problem with the Committee?s report, ?areas that touch on the heart and soul of the poor man is what the Minority is concerned about? attempts to draw the attention of the government through the Deputy Minister of finance Hon. Ato Forson, fell on rocks.?

According to him, ?it is unfair that a one percent tax has been imposed on outboard motors when the issue of premix fuel has not been solved because before the NPP left office in 2008 the supply of premix fuel has been very regular and so constant? but today when you come to Tema Manhia canoe beach there is a serious problem in terms of the supply of the product and fishermen have to fight before they can get a gallon of premix to go fishing.?

He indicated that it would be good if government targeted those using the outboard motors for leisure because ?majority of the people are fishermen.?

He called on government to find feasible ways of raising revenue.

?We are dissatisfied, we are unhappy it is high time the NDC government sit up and look at the situation of the fishermen in the fishing community,? he added.



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