Reports reaching TV3 indicate one person has been shot and wounded in Nkonya Apekyre in the Volta region. The incident which occurred around 5pm on Thursday December 25, left several others injured.

The community is said to be living in fear following the sporadic shooting. TV3?s Volta regional correspondent Robert Abilba reported that ?about 5pm on Christmas Day, some unknown persons emerged from no where and entered the town of Nkonya Apekyre and started shooting.

?No body knew where they were from and what they did got the whole town running around. They were shooting at anybody they saw. One man who is 35years old was badly hit by the bullet and has been rushed to the hospital and is receiving treatment.?

There has been an age old misunderstanding between two Nkonya and Alavanyo which has led to government placing a curfew on the two towns. Their feuds have left several people dead and several others severely injured.

It is however unclear though if this latest incident ca be linked to the age old feud. Due to the curfew imposed in the two towns, there is always heavy police presence.

Early this month, two paramount Chiefs, one from Alavanyo and the other from Nkonya wrote a letter of apology to President Mahama over recent happenings in the towns. These two Chiefs pledged to ensure that peace prevailed in the town but this has become a challenge that the Chiefs alone are unable to handle.

They have however considered joining forces to fight imposters who want to feed on the differences between the two town to cause havoc and create chaos. It is also being reported that these unscrupulous persons are using the tensions between the two towns to settle their personal scores, a move the Chiefs have condemned.

As of the time of this story, no suspects had been arrested. The police in the region say they are investigating the shooting.

Source: Martin Asiedu-Dartey||tv3network


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