Says trading blame will not solve the country’s problems

Says trading blame will not solve the countryOne time interim President of Nigeria, Chief Ernest Shonekan, has called for collective efforts at developing the nation.

Speaking in Lagos on Friday, Shonekan said the Nigerian economy had prospects to be great but required unity and co-operation.

“This nation has a good prospect and should not be written off,” he said.

He stressed that for Nigeria to do well as a nation, every Nigerian must be involved.

“Finger pointing, accusation and buck-passing is not what Nigeria needs now but collective effort to make every area of this country work,” Shonekan said.

“Nigeria has come a long way as a nation, we must not allow it to sink because it does no one any good to see this country destroyed.”

He advised Nigerians to ensure that “our young ones are directed aright.”

Shonekan, on Thursday, received the honour of Diocesan Benevolent Partner from Lagos Mainland Diocese of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

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