It is unbelievable, but very true. In Dodowa and its environs, GHOSTS are very much alive and very busily selling lands to innocent developers and pocketing huge monies.

New PicturePainstaking investigations by this reporter have unraveled this shocking mystery which has contributed to the traditional wonderland mystery about Dodowa ? home of the mysterious forest, and the traditional capital of all chiefs in Greater Accra Region.

According to the Register of the National House of Chiefs, NENE FIESU GBLIE II, Chief of ODUMSE died in 1985, on 5th May.

Strangely however, instead of resting peacefully in the Royal Mausoleum where His Majesty lies buried, NENE FIESU GBLIE II surreptitiously ?resurrects? in human form to parade himself as ALBERT GBERNARTEY to sell lands in Odumse area to developers who come there from Accra.

As readers may be aware, Accra is so choked that developers are moving towards Dodowa and with the impending rumoured relocation possibly of an airport in Dodowa area land sales has become very lucrative.

Latest information indicate that the dead chief Nene Fiesu Gblie II has now come into the open by boldly issuing a writ of summons at the Land Division of the High Court in Accra against Elite Kingdom Investment Company and two other defendants seeking declaration of title to Odumse lands.

This promises to be a landmark case. Stay tuned.



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