Shell Ghana has cut down the range of its industrial lubricants on offer to nine, as part of efforts to introduce a new product tier system for some of its oil lines, factory plant maintenance, transmission oils, and grease portfolios.

The move forms part of a global initiative dubbed “Portfolio Re-imaging” to shrink the number of industrial lubricants from more than 5,000 to less than ten, in an attempt to make it easier and simpler for consumers to choose the right lubricant for their needs.

“Portfolio Re-Image” is the working name of the global project that Shell has started to dispose of obsolete products and product duplicates.

The country chairman of Shell Ghana, Omar Benson, explained at the Portfolio Re-imaging (PRI) launch in Tema that with this initiative. Shell is introducing a more logical name system with clear coding that makes it easier to choose the right quality and at the same time standardise packaging in order to simplify product selection.

“We have cut some of the products. Some of the product names have been removed, and of course the existing products for applications have been renamed.

“For the customer, it has now become easier to select and order products for new equipment without referencing electronic catalogues for the right lubricants. This minimises the risk in application of the product.    

“There will also be the same brand and product for global customers no matter where they are,” he said.

Mr. Benson said the initiative follows the need to revitalise the company’s industrial oil portfolio, including all maintenance-oil, compressor-oil, hydraulic-oil, transmission-oil and other industrial grades.

“The labelling has been improved, the naming has changed and even the packaging has sometimes been optimised to make sure that our customers can enjoy a simpler portfolio that can help them to get the value.

“We had different brand-names for the same product in every country, and at present Shell is in about 100 countries. So imagine the same product that has tens of different brand-names. So we have just simplified all of that and reduced significantly the portfolio to nine top-brands; and then we have the tearing and application differentiation… it makes life easier for everyone.

“It is also good for operational excellence by making stock management, selection, and application simpler.”

He said the effect of the new PRI will help to attract customers with a preference for simplicity in the lubrication.

“We are expecting business performance to improve as a result of the PRI implementation,” Mr. Benson added.

This is not the first time that Shell Ghana has undertaken Portfolio Re-Imaging in the country. The first time it did so, the company struggled to meet demand.

Mr. Benson said the supply challenges that the company faced in its initial Re-Imaging campaign will be avoided this time, as the company has built-up stock of the new portfolio in order to absorb the increased demand that is expected to arise from re-launch of the PRI.

“We have a buffer-stock that is enough to absorb six months of consumption even in one month should we multiply our consumption levels. So we are prepared to meet demand in the implementation of the PRI,” he assured.

By Evans Boah-Mensah

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