The 7th of May, 2016 marked the beginning of this worthy course and came to a close on the 4th of June, 2016.

sheik Khalifa
sheik Khalifa

Sheikh Khalifa paid courtesy calls on Paramount chiefs, Sub chiefs and opining leaders of different ethnics group to deepen relationship with them.

Most of these traditional leaders do attend the two great annual events organized at Prang in the Pru district of Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. These include recitation of the Holy Qur’an for peace in Ghana, Africa and the world and also the celebration of the life of the founder of the Tijaniyya sect, Sheikh Ahmad Tijani of blessed memory.

The two events have successfully chalked 42 and 53 years respectively. The President and Spiritual leader of Tijaniyya Muslim Council of Ghana (TMOG) used the opportunity to officially inaugurate the Northern regional branch of the Council and also inducted into office new executives who were vested with the responsibility of running the day to day affairs of the TMOG in the region.

The President and spiritual leader of the Tijaniyya Muslim Council of Ghana commends President Barak Obama of the Unite States of America for being the first sitting American President to visit Hiroshima in Japan. Sheikh Khalifa described him as a visionary, justice and peaceful leader who abhor bloodshed and shares grieve of people in pain. He made this pronouncement after news broke out that President Baraka Obama is in Hiroshima to mourn those who lost their lives and to also console the survivals of the nuclear bomb attack on Japan after several years.

Most people have lived with this pain for 71 years after the US bombing of Hiroshima which claimed 140,000 lives. The leader of TMCOG expresses his condolence to the bereaved family of the legendry Ali and the people of the United States on the passing away of their great son. He said Mohammed Ali will forever be remembered for his achievements not only as an athlete and a boxer but also as a philanthropist who has helped the vulnerable in the society around the globe. Mohammed Ali described as good of all times (The Goat) was born on the 17th of January 1942 at Phoenix, Kentucky, attended the Louisville Central High School and died in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday 3rd June, 2016 at the age of 74.He will be buried on Friday10th June, 2016.

The President of the TMCOG therefore entreats all world leaders to do everything possible for the world to stay at peace. Sheikh Abul-Faidi Abdulai Ahmed Maikano ended his tour at the weekend which took him to Gumane, Savelegu, Tamale, Diyare, Qkarugu, Saamine, Bolga, Zabela, Dantane Bawku, Gumramber Bawku, Saboun gari Bawku, Ragadau Bawku, Gushegu, Gontele, Linginse,Wale Wale, Tamale S.Hamza, Sang, Zabzugu, Tatale, Nakoale, Charpuni, Walensi and Bimbilas among others.


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