Textures and fabrics are played around in every season to perfect the look. Not only does it ensure that the outfit and patterns look different but it also ensures that trends don?t seem repetitive.

Source: Rose Atwood

Textures and fabrics change with the season but patterns and styles, more often than not, remain the same. This summer 2012, sheer has made a comeback but it isn?t the tight fitted and figure hugging sheer that is being talked about. This season, sheer is flowing and smooth, it is more feminine and is merely there to shift the focus on sophisticated femininity.

  • Colors ? The season sees designers playing with blacks, greys and all the neutral colors that look great when combined with sheer. You may want to try wearing a neutral shade of your Loreal lipstick to add on to your sensual look with sheer. Monochromes, when combined with sheer, not only look sophisticated and classy but change the entire look of your outfit.
  • Outfits To Look Out For ? Sheers are seen everywhere, especially on soft flowing maxi dresses and light fabric tunics. Blouses also see sheer in abundance.
  • Tips On How To Pull It Off ? Sheer is easily one of the easiest textures to pull off but there are certain things you must know before you stock your wardrobe with sheer clothing. These tips will help you ?
  1. 1.????? Layer ? If you follow the runways, you will notice that monochrome outfits are layered with sheer components. Layering is the key for sheer because by itself, it would not be eye catching but when combined with a strong color like black or blue, it brings out its magic.
  2. 2.????? Sheer Cutaways ? A simple addition of a sheer cutaway to any drab outfit could make you look like a diva without investing much time and efforts. It is an instant trick to brighten up any look.
  3. 3.????? Inner Wear ? This is a very important point and must never be ignored. Your foundations should always be perfectly in sync with your outfit. The wrong bra or camisole could ruin your sheer outfit whereas the right one could do wonders to a simple looking outfit.
  4. 4.????? Accessory ? Sheer need not be in your outfit only. If you find it hard to follow this trend and include it in your clothes, make way for it in your accessory. Choose a sheer scarf or throw to lightly drape around yourself and add that touch of elegance and oomph.

This fabric works for all occasions but is best suited for evening outings and sophisticated cocktail parties where you can show off your elegant style.


Rose Atwood is a fashion expert with specialization in summer fashion looks. Lately, she?s been working on launching her own range of gorgeous historical Halloween costumes for 2012.?


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