Mum opened my eyes beyond tennis courts?Sharapova

In a recently concluded interview for her beauty brand Avon, Sharapova has praised her mother ahead of Mother?s day and has revealed that her mother opened her eyes to a world beyond tennis courts.

The Russian revealed that she had spent most of her child hood and her teen years in training with her father and never really experienced the outside world. But also shed light that it was her mother who introduced her to things off the tennis court and for that she must be thankful.

?I spent a lot of time playing tennis when I was growing up and I was always around my father so I think my mother?s biggest commitment was making sure I?d finished all of my homework on time and making sure I pursued my education,? Sharapova said. ?I remember how she would take me to the ballet and take me to art classes, which opened my eyes to a totally different world outside of being an athlete. She has shaped me in so many ways, from raising me, guiding me in the right direction, opening my eyes to the world around me and exploring it with me.?


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