The painted taxi ready for distribution

Expectedly and unwittingly, government spin doctors have spun the 400 cars-for-foot-soldiers story in a tendentious bid to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians.

Unlike other spins or PR rejoinders, this one did not contend the veracity of the existence of cars meant for distribution in the country, but rather had a difficulty with the beneficiaries as contained in the story.

Someone in the corridors of power sought to justify his continued stay in office and rejoined in the unproductive manner we saw in some pro-NDC newspapers without deeming it necessary to send us a copy, as the source of the story.

While the Daily Guide pointed out that the cars parked at the forecourt of the House of Parliament for over a year or so now were intended for distribution to foot-soldiers or pro-Mills NDC loyalists, the rejoinder explained that they were meant for all Ghanaians.

Every Ghanaian knows that when it comes to the distribution of pecks such as cars and even jobs, the defining criterion is belongingness to the ruling NDC with no links to the Rawlingses.

Ghanaians who do not belong to the ruling party and known to be supportive of President Mills? faction of the grouping would not be entitled to one of the cars; period! And so what is this lie about they are meant for all Ghanaians? What they failed to include in the rejoinder is that they are meant for all Ghanaians irrespective of their political affiliations.

The reaction under the circumstances was unnecessary and did not serve the interest of the embattled government?s image in anyway, exposing further the insincerity of government in the face of the emerging and embarrassing details from the smelly Galloper scandal.

Just why the distribution is about to take place now, a few months to elections, is not difficult to fathom. This infantile politicking, using state facilities, is something we should have outgrown by now. It is good to know though that most Ghanaians, when given the rare opportunity, would line up and collect whatever is advanced to them, but would advise themselves when the time is due.

As they execute their political game plans, leading members of the NDC have often exposed their underbelly for attacks from the opposition. Spraying the cars in taxi colours at a public place as captured by our camera was not a smart thing to do. One would have expected them to move the cars in batches to private spraying joints instead of doing it at the forecourt of the House of Parliament.

Perhaps, providence wants the people of Ghana to understand the stuff their rulers are made of and expose them big time.

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