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If you live in a glass house, you don’t throw stone

We, the youth of the Progressive People’s Party deem it best to stick to the practical truth of things rather than to be misled into following individuals who are only interested in trivialities and falsehood. Such are the people who see nothing wrong with themselves but others. We are a serious political party and so, we would turn our good intentions into reality and start making practical suggestions needed to boost the quality of life of the people of this nation.

The simple explanation is that it is an undeniable fact that Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, the flag bearer of the Progressive People’s Party has caused a lot of soreness on the few members remaining in the Convention Peoples Party by leaving the party with all his charisma, humility and integrity. Some peeved members of the CPP have decided to go all length to denigrate the sterling reputation of Dr. Nduom by ranting out all sorts of odious words against him.

We are quite aware of the fact that it is simply one of the techniques the CPP is using to wrap the grief of the rate at which people are leaving the CPP leading to the downfall of the party. Up till today, some people in the CPP have not been able to absorb the shock of Dr. Nduom’s exit, to the extent that there is no single comment that comes from the CPP in recent times without the mention of the name NDUOM and PPP accompanied by derogatory attachments. This clearly brings to light the pain in them as Dr. Nduom rejects the CPP and forms the PPP with like-minded pragmatists.


It is very astonishing to comprehend where Prof. Agyemang Badu Akosa gets the impetus to talk about progressive people, when he has so many albatrosses hanging on his neck. As disciplined youth, we do not want to be tempted to descend into the gutter as people like Prof. Akosa would like us to.  We want to admonish Prof. Akosa and his likes in the CPP stick to issues affecting their party as the CPP as it is not on the ground anywhere in Ghana. That party seems to prefer a “backward ever” attitude contrary to what the Osagyefo taught Ghanaians.

More often than not, you hear people like Prof. Akosa and Nii Akomfrah chanting all sorts of watchwords like Nkrumaism, Socialism and the rest of the ‘sms’. They always take so much delight in projecting themselves as Nkrumaists and the snappy attitude of defining who is one or not. Having mastered in this act, they forget that Kwame Nkrumah was not just a mere talkative or someone who was just interested in reciting big quotations from the Marxist theories. Kwame Nkrumah was a practical man who believed in working hard to satisfy the exigencies of time. He was a Pragmatist, and that is what we are – Progressive People’s Party. Politics is not just about combining words to make a sentence. It is about using what we have learnt to better the lives of the many people who consider us sources of inspiration.  If the Osagyefo were alive today, he would be a PPP member.


So the questions we want to ask is,

  1. Per which criteria do they classify someone as Nkrumaist or Anti-Nkrumaist. Is it when the person is poor and can quote sections of Nkrumah’s books or by deeds?


  1. Would anyone call Kwame Nkrumah as CIA spy because he schooled and worked in the U.S and at a point opted to stop the usage of his Christian name, Francis?


  1. Would anybody dare to call Kwame Nkrumah a capitalist and imperialist because he collaborated with foreign firms in the U.S to secure funds to facilitate the construction of the Volta River Project to enhance the lives of the people this country?


  1. Would anybody refer to Kwame Nkrumah an opportunist because he accepted to work as the General Secretary of the UGCC to help attain independence?


  1. Again, would anyone call Kwame Nkrumah an imposter at the time, because he broke away from the UGCC to form the CPP when he realized the UGCC was unproductive and not working in the interest of the masses?

Again, if Prof. Akosa has anything better to offer his party and Ghanaians, why didn’t he contest the Flagbearship contest of the CPP?  Why is he not offering himself as a parliamentary candidate in his hometown?  Or in Accra where he lives?  We could dwell on the failures and challenges Prof. Akosa has faced in recent years that may be the cause of his bitter one-sided feud with Dr. Nduom.  But what would be the point?  We are forward looking and positive minded.

We wish to tell Prof. Akosa and his cronies that Dr. Nduom has moved on and is looking forward to becoming the President of this nation to solve the teeming economic problems confronting the people of Ghana come 2013.  Dr. Nduom is a man who believes and practices his faith, he is a family man who works hard to keep his home peaceful.  He has created job opportunities for over 10,000 people in all ten regions of the country.  Many people see hope in Dr. Nduom and the PPP.



Divine Nkrumah

National Youth Cordinator



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