In the midst of the common destitution and a work in progress in the country, the arrangement by the National Population Commission (NPC) to spend an astounding N273 billion to direct a national statistics in 2016 is over the top and shocking and ought to be retired.


Enumeration insights are fundamental to political arrangement and financial arranging vital to national improvement. Be that as it may, to mull over spending such a tremendous sum on an evaluation is unfathomable. The proposition is just as unsatisfactory for neglecting to perceive the presence of a subsisting evaluation, and various indistinguishable and pertinent information from which the national populace figures can be overhauled. The NPC ought to save the country another channel pipe and locate a more savvy method for directing the evaluation.

It is pretty much also that President Buhari has guided government offices to orchestrate biometric information accumulation to keep away from duplication. “It will be more practical on the off chance that you cooperate. It helps even the validity of the decision process, as Nigerians of voting age can be distinguished effectively,” Buhari told NPC director, Eze Duruiheoma, who drove other national officials to brief the President at the Villa. The President’s order was against the setting of Duruiheoma’s disclosure that the NPC required about N273 billion for the 2016 national evaluation, out of which N10 billion was obliged direly. Duruiheoma told the President that the biometric registration would dispense with numerous and phantom respondents, while making the result simple to review. Sufficiently reasonable!

In any case, the issue is past the national head number. Next to the unbelievable expense, what assurance has the country that a solid statistics will be directed in a nation where enumeration figures are purposely doctored to suit dug in political hobbies? The President struck the right harmony by demanding that the applicable powers must make the empowering environment for the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to turn into the genuine overseer of information essential for national arranging. To ace pivotal divisions of the economy, government needs suitable and reasonably gathered information. For a considerable length of time if not decades, the country has been hamstrung by strategy somersaults creating numerous to portray the nation’s pioneers as rudderless and confused. This must change.

Around the world, populace insights are kept up not by using so as to lead crisp registration at interims, but rather accessible information to redesign and overhaul the current measurements. In Nigeria, such information base incorporates the National Identification Scheme, the National Drivers’ License, Voters’ Register and School Enrolment records, among others. A large portion of these information are regularly saved at the Federal Office of Statistics and other government offices that at present gather biometric information, including: the NPC, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). So also, the Nigerian Immigration Service and the vehicles’ enrollment office are likewise ordering biometric information of Nigerians for universal travel permit and driver licenses.

The vast majority of the database required for a biometric evaluation in Nigeria is as of now accessible. The NPC ought to utilize the INEC decision database, which as of now fills no other need as a layout. The commission’s test is to rectify the disparities in the populace figures of the different zones of the nation. In 2015, INEC asked for N120 billion to direct the whole broad decision, which incorporated a new voters’ enrollment of Nigerians of age 18 or more. INEC ordered biometric information of more than 70 million enrolled voters who were issued lasting voters cards (PVCs).That naturally structures a piece of the populace database. Just those underneath age 18 as at 2015 should be caught in the new statistics. The NPC ought to embrace vast scale information examination and organization routines, programmed coding and non-console information section techniques to check twofold including. It is ridiculous to consider catching the biometric information of each Nigerian once more. To do as such will sum to copying what has as of now been finished.

It merits reviewing that in 2012, the then dubious NPC executive, Festus Odimegwu, requested N600 billion for the 2016 statistics. As per him, an “electronically led statistics would incorporate information created in the nation as against the present pattern where organizations of government produce information autonomously”. The NPC has not clarified how it touched base at the N273 billion from the beginning N600 billion; yet it beyond any doubt appear to be another endeavor to wool the country. This must not be permitted to happen.

It is lavish to direct an extensive enumeration because of the substantial documentation, staff, time and logistics needed. In the event that this sounds good to the present government, this brings up some annoying issues: why is it so troublesome for Nigerians to get precise information about urgent issues influencing their nation? Past the populace registration, the circumstance of the oil part and the condition of instruction are other reference focuses. Precisely what amount of oil does Nigeria produce? What proportion of utilization originates from nearby generation versus importation? There is for all intents and purposes no precise information to this impact.

Regardless of picture washing studies did by sycophantic universal specialists and other associated gatherings, the Nigerian oil segment has been yoked under the exploitative stranglehold of a plot of scroungers embodying degenerate authorities, oil advertisers and global free-wheelers. So dismal and humiliating has the oil area turned into that not just are refineries torpid and nationals subjected to the avoidable nerve racking encounters of fuel lack, additionally that Nigeria, an oil creating nation, can’t precisely give workable information about the investigation, generation and utilization of the item. This nonattendance of basic data is likewise reflected in training and business. What number of open workers does Nigeria have? What number of graduates does Nigeria produce? What number of occupations does this nation have in a given division of the economy? What is the rate of occupations accessible in connection to the labor created? Has arranging been taking into account dependable information and populace projections?

The Nigerian condition as showcased by the rationale opposing arrangements of its pioneers, focuses to lack of awareness of data identifying with the country’s human and material assets. The time now calls for legitimate record-keeping, and in addition fitting information administration. The President ought to jar the NBS and pertinent powers and foundations accused of the acquirement of information to start thinking responsibly to guarantee persistent upgrade and legitimate information administration of the considerable number of levels of government. The NPC has enough time from now to 2016, to expand on what is accessible to get what is attractive. Instead of pivot the accomplishment of the enumeration on consuming a ludicrous spending plan, the NPC is in a position to give the nation a dependable statistics in 2016 without misusing rare assets. That will be in the national hobby.


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