Moses Wafula Mapesa

Moses Wafula Mapesa

?It is confirmed that Mapesa?s appointment with Mayo clinic center, Arizona in USA is on August 11 where a match of the transplant will be made,? Eunice Nyiramahoro Duli, chairperson fundraising committee said.

His next appointment will be in October for the transplant where he will stay for a year under observation.

The funds were raised at an exhibition which was promoted by Sheraton, Afriart gallery, AUTO and Miss Tourism yielded through the auction of art pieces and support from the corporate community.

The fundraising committee said they are still strategising how to raise the remaining sh226m.

Funds are being deposited on account name: Moses Mapesa, number:6004677593 in Barclays Bank, Rwenzori court Branch.

Mapesa complains of sharp pain running through his spinal cord down to the legs.

?This pain would take a short while but now it lasts longer, over an hour.? Mapesa said.

Dr. Henry Ddungu, a hematologist at the Uganda Cancer Institute, said as the disease progresses, it?s likely that the pain will become more intensive and result into total incapacitation. He noted the importance to move faster to support him get the transplant scheduled done.

Nyiramahoro said at the moment the donor is not there, but family members are willing to donate if they match and if not the donor bank will be the last option which process would take a month.

By Sarah Nakamwa, The New Vision


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