Today can authoritatively report the migration of young women and teenage girls into fishing towns and villages in the Western Region where they provide sexual services for a bucket of fish following bumper harvest the farmers are having for several weeks now.

That situation has coincided with the flooding of these communities with large amounts of fake and expired aphrodisiacs that are enjoying into massive patronage by men gripped by the desire to prove their sexual prowess to the women who live in or are thronging these fishing communities.

These drugs are largely sold to unsuspecting fisher folk in coastal towns, such as Axim in the Nzema East Municipality; Dixcove, Mieamea in the Ahanta West District; Eikwe in the Ellembelle District, and; Ahobre and Half Assini in the Jomoro District.

As if the influx of teenage girls who offer sex in exchange for a pan or bucket of fish is not bad enough, the young men of these fishing communities, in their zeal to meet the excessive demands from the bevy mob of ladies, are using these aphrodisiacs without consideration for their attendant health effects.

Today investigations uncovered the fact that  a lot of teenage girls and young women who throng the fishing town to indulge in what could best be described as barter prostitution do come from the surrounding towns and villages.

Investigations by this paper revealed that fake aphrodisiac dealers have targeted the afor-mentioned communities largely because they are having bumper harvest in these communities and the fisher folk thus have money to spend.

A visit to some of those communities and their environs revealed that quack drugs sellers known as ?Zamrama,? and made up of Nigerians, Burkinabes and their Ghanaian cohorts, take advantage of the English illiteracy of the fisher folk to sell to them the expired and fake aphrodisiacs.

To compound matters, the aphrodisiac ? a substance believed to that increase sexual performance ? is sold under non-preserving conditions; these are packed in plain polythene wrappers and exposed to the direct heat of the sun.

Apart from the aphrodisiacs, Today discovered, these drug peddlers also sell pain killers, de-wormers and various brands of blood tonics exposed to the vagaries of the weather along at designated centres near the coast.

As a means of boosting the efficacy of the aphrodisiacs, the Zamrama dealers either create super mixtures of the drugs with akpeteshie (local Ghanaian gin) or prescribe that the young men take the aphrodisiacs with the akpeteshie rather than water.

The abundance of these drugs, this reporter discovered, has led to an increase in sexual activities on these coastal settlements.

Gradually, these activities are stretching out along the coast from the Western coastal towns to Tema and Ga-Mashie in the Greater Accra Region, and Winneba, Moree, Cape Coast, Elmina, Shama, Aboesi in the Central Region as these towns all experience fishing boom.

With the boom young women and teenage girls flood the beaches, the Zamrama aphrodisiac dealer breeze into town and immoral activities rise.


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