Seven yet to be identified policemen beat reggae/ ragga singer, Papa Fryo to stupor last Monday morning. The ugly incident which occurred at Desyles Hotel and Niteclub, Badagry, Lagos at 3: 00AM, according to the humiliated singer was unfortunate and a clear case of injustice. He claimed he was not in any way involved in the matter that led to the brutality meted out to him by the policemen from Isashi Police Station, Badagry, Lagos who had come to arrest two women identified as sisters in the niteclub . .

The girls identified as sisters were earlier approached by a man who an eye-witness claimed wanted to have fun with them together. The sisters, who were already in his car felt he could not make love with them together and the disagreement led to the fight which caused part of his car to damage.

The aggrieved man later took the matter to the police station at Isashi. Baba Fryo narrates his ordeal:

?Na one man go carry police come to arrest two girls so as the girl dem dey resist arrest, I even advised the girls to follow the police as the girls to resist address, no be say I do anything bad. As the police dey discuss outside as they dey argue, later they reinforce, when they reinforce dey be about seven and me I know dey that time wey dey reinforce, me I dey sleep for upstairs, but when I hear the noise I had to come down. When I come down the police dey beat them too much and me I know fit bear am, even the girls I know happy with wetin them dem dey do but because they were constituiting nuisance there but at least they are humans and they are woman. They no suppose to dey beat woman like that, so the only statement that I made was make una take am easy dem be women that was all, na him this police dem begin to beat me, use banton to break my leg, begin to match my leg. So from there they handcuff me and carry me go police station.

?So when they come ask dem say wetin this man do, the other two police wey come at first, them come dey talk say this man no o anything this man dey our side, na him them come commot the handcuff from my hand, they know even tell me sorry they no talk anything, but now I dey hospital now, since that day till now, so I just collect the x-ray now and dem say I get fracture for leg and the police no talk anything about the bills and everything for this hospital. Funny enough, the man wey call the police, the man wan sleep with two sisters, but the girls come understand they no come gree, but the first time dem dey play with the man, dey play with car so tey dem put on in ignition and the police ask am say where him dey when they put on the ignition, he say him dey inside car, so the switch of the wiper comot, the man no complain ohhh, so when the girls come refuse the man na him the man come begin complain say that switch wey dey comot na N15,000 and say the girls go pay. I get motor that thing na N500 or N1000 problem. So after dem reach police station solve the matter finish dey come say the two of them dey tell lies say make dem settle themselves, that was all oh.

?We dey fear armed robber we dey fear police. Wetin make police take action like that na because of the amount of money the man take call am for police thinking say dey go fit exploit the girls, then get the money or the man wan put them for tight corner. na ten ten thousand since Monday u understand so na wetin happen be that my brother nothing else. Later dem take me to the police station and I met the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) who after listening to me, said it was a communication gap problem. That the policemen did not know na be Baba Fryo. Can you imagine that? So, if you could not identify me as Baba Fryo, u wan kill me? ?

As at the time of posting this report, Baba Fryo is on the sick bed at Aiyetoro Medical Centre, along Badagry Expressway, Lagos.

via E247


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