India is a beautiful country with rich heritage and history, every part of it carrying importance of one kind or the other, south enriched with ancient temples, west having wonderful beaches and archaeological wonders, east with the tradition and world’s sanctuary for tigers, north with Himalayas with its mighty and magnificent heights, likewise north east having wonderful spots of excitement on its own rights, north east tourism is a great boon to the traveling public.

Northeast India contains seven States, namely, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram,Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim.

Arunachal Pradesh has international borders with Bhutan, Burma and People’s republic of China besides its sister States Assam and Nagaland, other states touching Burma and Bangladesh, while Sikkim borders with Nepal, China’s Tibet, Bhutan and Paschim Bangla.

Guwahati is the largest city and capital of Assam , while Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, the smallest State of India, Gantok is the largest city and capital of Sikkim and Imphal is the Capital city of Manipur.

North east India tour packages can be of any length of time, if a traveler has the time and resource one can as well have a tour to North eastern region covering places such as

Guwahati, Shillong, Kaziranga, Kohima, Kipfisha, Dzikuo Valley, Kohima, Khonoma, Jorhat, Dirang,Sela, Chabrilla, Nurarang, Tawang, Bhalukpung

For such North eastern tour packages one may require about a month’s time, however travel agents have designed various tour packages from a 2 days tour to one week tour, enabling all kinds of travelers to participate in North east tourism.

For instance North Sikkim tours take just 7 nights/8 days, that take tourists to places like Gantok-Changu Lake-Lachung-Yumthang-Lachen-Thangu-Chopta giving them the best of North east tourism.

Likewise, a 6 days/ 7days tour takes one to Guwahati –Kaziranga-Kohima-Touphema-Dimori Cove- Knonoma-Dimapur giving wonderful places of North east tourism.

Travel agents organize meaningful tours to these places which will be thrilling and entertaining, besides giving a traditional Indian visiting the Sacred part of the Country, because North East is always considered the abode of Lord Parameshwara who likes Himalayan ranges always.
North east India tour packages come to travelers with travel by air, train and buses, sometimes involving jeeps and trucks, with food arrangements in respective stations that the tour organisers make with the assistance of local cooks, besides helping accommodation in tents and thatched roofs as the location demands, with all that one would enjoy traveling in this region which has large splendor of ancient India.

North east India tour packages can be obtained online from any of the travel agents’ web portals.

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