The Melbourne CBD is well known for its high rise buildings, breathtaking views of the ocean, Yarra River and of course the city itself. Staying in the city means you’ll centrally located and perfectly placed for anything that can happen when you are on holiday. It’s important to get around when you are abroad or you’ll find that unless you don’t mind walking everywhere, your hotel room or holiday apartment gets extremely boring. Of course when you in the centre of town and you need to get to something, it will be with walking distance 90% of the time. You have everything you need right there where you are staying.

If you ever feel the need to get out of the city and explore the surrounding areas you can take a walk outside and have a break from your serviced apartments Melbourne CBD, you can hop on a train or a bus and catch a ride to any destination in the city and the greater Melbourne area.

There is plenty to do for everyone regardless of how old you are and when you book into a hotel in the centre of the city like that you have everything you need right there. A serviced apartment has all the benefits of a regular house that is fully furnished with all the little extras to make that much more comfortable. You even have housekeeping to make sure that the place is kept clean during your stay. Some of the hotels offer a laundry service as part of your stay, so if you have any mishaps while you are out dining or perhaps one of your kids accidently spills something on you as you are about to go out, then at least you’ll have a clean pair of clothes to wear all the time. Just be sure to pack enough clothes to cater for all kinds of weather even if you are visiting in the middle of summer. It could get cold one night and you really don’t want to end up getting sick in the middle of your holiday. That would put a serious damper on the mood and of course you put everyone else at risk as well. Your trip to the second biggest city in Australia should be about fun not runny noses and dirty tissues.

Always pick your spots wisely and whenever you can, try to get a good recommendation from the locals. If they can’t explain where to find good food then you shouldn’t be eating there. Above all else, make sure you have a good time.

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