Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) Quality Manager at Mwanza Brewery, Mr Stanley Minja, told a news conference environmental protection should be a matter of priority for all Tanzanians to achieve sustainable development.

He welcomed other stakeholders to share best experiences in conserving the environment in their areas of work. Mr Minja was talking to a group of journalists who toured the SBL?s state of the art waste water treatment plant at the Brewery ? located at Nyakato Industrial Area in the city of Mwanza.

The 9bn/- waste water treatment plant has the capacity to treat 1,728 cubic meters of waste water per day. ?We are ready to work with others and share best practices toward conserving our environment,? he noted.

The plant called Effluent Treatment Plant cleans all waste water produced at the plant. Once treated 30 per cent of the treated water is used in the plant?s cleaning and gardening activities.

The remaining 70 per cent is discharged in a controlled way as agreed and monitored by environmental authorities. He explained that SBL treats Environmental sustainability keenly and that is one of the company?s five corporate social responsibility (CSR) priorities.

?This is crucial to the business as a whole, while we are contributing to local environmental protection and development, we are also addressing the global water challenge within our operations and local communities,? he said.

The company has an environmental policy, with clear environmental priorities which are reviewed regularly and ensures compliance is measured and monitored

Source Tanzania Daily News


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