National Volunteers Day
National Volunteers Day

So just as you are privy to the common knowledge that Christians mark the birth of the Nazarean every December, on annual basis, Ghanaians across every nook and cranny of Ghana, Africa and the world at large also dub 21st of September as Founders Day and on the Day, celebrate the birth of the man believed to be the founder of the Republic Nation now known as Ghana, the horn of Africa.

National Volunteers Day
National Volunteers Day
Kwame Nkrumah, the first prime minister and president of Ghana dubbed the Greatest African of the Millennium by the BBC is a man revered by a lot because of the decisions he took to defy the odds to fight for independence on behalf of his nation, Gold Coast which was achieved within a very short spate of time. He is known to be the forbearer of the idea of a United Africa which later metamorphosed to the present day African Union.

He is the greatest man of all time as the Nkrumanists will reiterate to hail him for having been a good leader to have seen the future of his country that led him to pioneer most of the resources that we still use today; notable among them include the Akosombo Dam, Tema Motorway and the Tema Oil Refinery. After several years of usage, all these still serve the nation and give different opportunities to every Ghanaians to make their lives better.

But significantly notable among the predictions of this great man was the potentials of this nation in the hands of young people running her affairs independently. Recalled from his independent declaration speech, he recognised the efforts of the then youths by stating “I want to use this opportunity to thank …, the youths…., who have so nobly fought and won the battle”. The story of the Young Pioneers Movement creates the relevance of young people who are so patriotic and passionate about national development and issues that can create a better future for Ghana.

I am sure for preaching patriotism, Nkrumah knew of the time when young Ghanaians will team up to setup the National Volunteers Day to commemorate his birthday.

By far, the only significant event that overshadows and hail the celebration of the founder’s day, the GhanaThink Foundation’s led Ghana Volunteer Program did an amazing job this time again to rekindle the spirit of volunteerism in young people all across Ghana and beyond.

The opportunity which was opened to all age brackets had a trend on social media with over 6,000 tweets and counting which equally rivalled that of Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus posts with the hashtags #NVDay and #NVDay15.

Activities ranging from cleanup exercises, re-painting of Zebra crossings and Overhead Bridges, Orphanage Visitation and Charity Donations, Teaching, Environmental and Climate Change awareness, feeding of street children, photo walk, seminars etc were massively patronized across the nation.

On Social Media, volunteers shared their experiences and activities with joy on how they spent such day of their life giving back to society and participation in various volunteering activities.
Selfies also flooded social media which gave birth to a new term known as “Volunfie” coined from the words; Volunteerism and Selfie.

Gameli Adzaho participated in a science project with Ghana Scientific and Innovate Ghana to lead hands-on science sessions at New Life Nungua Children’s home with Sarah from the Ghana Planetarium, who taught the kids some principles of Physics.

Eyram Taiwan, CEO of Leti Arts participated by teaching of gamification to kids in the East Legon.

The Rotaract clubs of Ho, Catholic University and Osu cleaned up the Ho High Court, taught the Kyiridua community how to install and use a treated mosquito net, painted the walkway near the Kanda Highway and a school block respectively.

In Sissala East District the Barcamp team shared food items from the World food programme through the Ghana Health Service.

Dmac Foundation held a donation exercise at the female ward of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

The Barcamp team in Sunyani also visited the Hanuka Children’s home with a reading clinic for children was also hosted in Omanjor.

Super volunteers assisted in the Breasted One Breast Cancer Health walk to raise awareness on breast cancer.

Dept. of Fisheries & Aquatic Science joined Green Africa Youth Organisation Ghana to assist in a capacity building for coastal communities.

Team #Pilolo repainted Zebra Crossings in Takoradi whiles Ato Ulzeen Appiah joined Elmina based NGOs to mentor youth in his hometown, Elmina.

Mindshift Foundation Ghana held a cleanup exercise in Nankpanduri which had students from various Senior High Schools participating.

And the Sangy Foundation also hosted its volunteers for s lunch party to celebrate their immerse contribution to the tremendous growth of the organisation.

With this I leave the discussion to the public to make a good choice from the activities they can engage in hopefully next year when the National Volunteers Day is held again on Founder’s Day.

Thank You
Prince Akpah
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