Natural gas
Natural gas

“A new discovery of natural gas has been made along Cayar at Teranga-1 wells. These wells are estimated to go 4,485 meters deep with water thickness of 1,800 meters,” an official statement sent to Xinhua said.

Natural gas
Natural gas
The statement added that the wells are situated 100 km south of the previous natural gas deposit discoveries in Gueumbeul.

The discovery is the second to be made by a conglomerate of a U.S. company, Kosmos Energy, with its associate called Timis Corporation and Senegalese state owned petroleum company, Petrosen.

The three companies had earlier discovered natural gas in Guembeul-1 wells, within Saint-Louis bloc along the border between Senegal and Mauritania.

In 2014, two discoveries of oil and natural gas were successively made in deep waters in Sangomar, west of Senegal.

The statement said the Senegalese government will continue creating an ideal environment for the development of the petroleum sector so that it can have a positive impact on the general economy. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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