8th Wonder signed artiste Sena Huks is preparing to release a new single into the system after the ‘Wonkoa’ breakthrough with the Empire Records man Guru.

The artiste whose label just released an action packed short film (another side of 8th Wonder) called ‘the retriever’ disclosed that his music journey is to create a trend and tell a story in his songs hence after ‘wonkoa’ the big question from management was what next?

‘A single came from me called ‘longtin’ which was for only downloads just to fill the space of the story we telling with the music, that was not a major single release hence the big second single release which tells the other side of the story I started with ‘Wonkoa’ and ‘Longtin’ is coming, Sena mentioned.

He maintained: ‘I am sure by now people know 8th Wonder’s magic, which is the ability to create something outside the box that is, if our short films such as ‘Redemption plus the Retriever is anything to go by, then expect some thing crazy from Huks in this new single’.

He stressed: ‘the new single is not titled yet, it is still in the growth stages by the time it gets to the maturity stages I am very sure then a title will be out and fans will be informed’.

Sena Huks and 8th Wonder is grateful to every one who joined in the party of ‘Wonkoa’ from Music music through to radio airplay and those who watched the 8th wonder stunt team’s action movies on youtube, all they are saying is keep on supporting talent, we humbled, be expectant of the new of single too.

For the 8th Wonder team entertainment is a movement, something that has inner passion and can never be stop until quality works are produced, so keep supporting the movements and be part of it on facebook or youtube today.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.nanayaw18.com


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