The registrar Nii Lartey Anum Tetteh delivering the statement, and other sub-chiefs
The registrar Nii Lartey Anum Tetteh delivering the statement, and other sub-chiefs

By Abubakari Seidu Adjafor

?..over alleged defamatory publications against Nii Adote Otintor II

The Sempe Mantse and the entire stool are going to take legal actions against some media houses and individuals who the stool alleges are hiding behind the ordinary causing mischief.

The registrar Nii Lartey Anum Tetteh delivering the statement, and other sub-chiefs
The registrar Nii Lartey Anum Tetteh delivering the statement, and other sub-chiefs

Nii Lartey Anum Tetteh, the Registrar at the Sempe Mantse palace addressing the media said newspapers such The Moment, Enquirer, Weekly Observer, Adensie and an online publication have constantly accused the Sempe Mantse, Nii Adote Otintor II of contract killings, terrorizing Mpoase Mantse and Ningo Chiefs to take over their lands.

The registrar noted natives of Sempe and the general public have recently been bombarded with series of stories both on the internet and a section of the newspapers to tarnish the entire Sempe stool.

This he said these were well-calculated to tarnish the image of the Sempe Mantse, Nii Adote Otintor II.

According to the Registrar, initially they dismissed the reports making the rounds concerning Nii Otintor II because they knew those reports lacked substance.

But after sometime they realized those stories were recurring and gaining more momentum on the airwaves.
He said they quickly drew the publishers attention to their publications which they considered was a mischief to incubate mayhem and character assassination of the Sempe Mantse Nii Adotey Otintor II.

Presenting the statement on behalf of Sempe Mantse stool, the registrar indicated after they quickly called them to order by issuing the first rejoinder to Spyghana online which they later posted a disassociation notice and rendered an apology.
But they later realized that the same stories were planted in two other newspapers namely the Weekly Observer and Adensie newspapers which are both defunct.

According to him, it all started with The Moment newsapaper with the caption: ?Arrest Nii Otintor now and his use of terrorist Group-Mpoase Mantse Demands.?

Subsequent to that, another story appeared in the same newspaper indicating that Nii Otintor is terrorizing Ningo Chiefs to take their lands.
He said members of those families in question upon hearing the story called on Nii Otintor at his residence to render an unqualified apology.

The registrar noted somewhere in March 2014, their attention was drawn to a story by spyghana online captioned ?Nii Otintor meddling in Mpoase Chieftaincy affairs to be owned by Prosper Agbenyega now with Metro TV.

After the first week of April 2014, spyghana online again planted two stories in the Enquirer newspaper captioned: ?Sempe Stool Affairs, Bloodbath Looms? and ?Sempe Youth Rally against Land guards.?
Seems that was not enough, spyghana posted yet another story on its website captioned:?contract killing in Ghana linked to the Sempe Mantse.?

According to him, rejoinders have been sent to them again and after the rejoinder has been published, they woke up only to find out that those same groups have published the same story in Weekly Observer and the Adensie newsapaper.

The registrar stated that this is an indication that the numerous apologies were not genuine hence the need to take legal action to end such blatant lies and mischiefs in order the safeguard the image of Nii Adote Otintor II.


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