There was a some tension between the just evicted Big Brother The Chase housemate, Selly (Selorm Galley) and TV host and actress, Joselyn Dumas at Friday night?s launch of At Home with Joselyn Dumas.  Selly was seen apologetically whispering something to a seemingly unforgiving Joselyn. So I went in and asked the two to pose for a photo. Then, Joselyn cleverly said she didn?t feel comfortable taking a photo with Selly. My brain immediately went to work trying to figure out why Joselyn wouldn?t want to been seen in a picture with Selly.  The first thing that came to mind was that Joselyn perhaps didn?t approve of Selly ?making out? with Nando while in the Big Brother House. But then Selly became more remorseful and muttered ?I am very sorry?. Then it hit me! Selly was apologizing for a comment she made while on Big Brother that suggested that Joselyn after hosting her show, ?The One Show?, hops into a plane to Nigeria to sleep with rich men.  So I exclaimed ?Oh I now know why? and both looked at me shaking their heads.  Joselyn eventually said she had forgiven her and finally agreed to take a photo with her. They later shared some smiles, and talked about how Selly?s manager was related to Joselyn.


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