The Sefwiman Development Association (SMDA) has endorsed Nana Akufo-Addo according to its president Tony Tsina Addai.

Tony who claimed that the grouping is the originator of the creation of another region out of the Western Region said the natural resources from Sefwi, Aowin and Brosa parts of the region contribute immensely towards the foreign earnings of the country.

In a statement, the association noted that “the Sefwiman Development Association believes that the only way that the western north will get its fair share of the national cake is to acquire a regional status. As a group, we approached the leaders of our land all of who have agreed that it is a wise decision for which they have all pledged their support.”

The Sefwiman Development Association is the mouthpiece of the people of Sefwi, Aowin and Brosa located at the extreme north of the Western Region. The highest educational institution in the area is the Wiawso Teachers’ Training College, he said adding that “it takes us 8 hours to travel from some of our areas to our capital Takoradi at the extreme south of Western Region. Our people always have to travel far away from home in search of better schools, hospitals and to even do shopping.”

The announcement by Nana Akufo-Addo about the creation of a new region in the Western Region when he gets the nod in the polls, he said, is a welcome one wondering why other parties have not considered the idea at all.

“Since 1992, we have been voting for NDC being one of the party’s World Banks but we have changed our minds this time round,” he said on behalf of his people.

This time, he said, the NDC should know that we shall vote in exchange for something. “Since the NPP are ready to do what we have longed for, we too would vote for them on Wednesday,” he said.

Continuing he said, “Nana did not only make a promise but put a timeline on it. Within six months of his assuming power, he said, he would commence the project. We are hereby asking the people of Sefwi,  Aowin  and Brosa to massively vote for Nana Addo and the NPP this coming election December 7 so that  we can too can have our own region and initiate our development projects.”



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