Arancha Gonzalèz
Arancha Gonzalèz

“It is an economic issue for governments to allow more than half of its work force to sit idle and not contribute to economic growth, if that happens then, the country is heading for bigger economic challenges”……Arancha Gonzalèz

Arancha Gonzalèz
Arancha Gonzalèz

Every country’s economy depends on the variables of stability, high export and less imports, strong currency, availabilty of working materials and ultimately efficiency of its labor force, in a case where more than half of the country’s population is not pushed and encouraged to contribute then obviously that economy is doomed to fall.
Ghana as a growing economy and a struggling middle income state has in recent years been battling to set an equal playing firld for its women to participate in economoic growth but is yet to achieve is target.

Ghana is a country where most of its small to medium scale enterprises are owned by women and yet their contributions are less recognized thats if they are even noticed at all. These were some views gleaned from the just ended 2015 annual Mo Ibrahim governance conference which was held here in Accra.

A discussion with the Executive Director of the International Trade Center ITC Ms Arancha Gonzalèz and on the sidelines of the Mo Ibrahim conference revealed that not only is it time for governments to exploit the potentials of women interms of them contributing to the economic growth of the country but majority of the choice lies with women to decide whether or not to maximize the opportunities given them.

According to Ms Gonzalèz, not only is the involvement of women in economy crucial, but in terms of governance women have a bigger role to play to ensure that policies made are implementable, sustainable, beneficial and relevant to the masses.

“I think a country has to make sure women participate in the political life and this means women as parliamentarians, women as leaders in government, why? because, at the end of the day its parliament that makes laws, and it very important when one makes laws to enesure that all the dimensions including dimensions relating to women are teken into account”

Touching on the dimensions of womens’ involvement in the job markert, Ms Gonzalèz noted that it is important that leaders ensure that women are part of the job market not only restricted to the informal sector but also the formal sector where things are highly competitive.

” They ought to be added to the value added chain and not confined to the lowest level of the chain, that they can move up the value chain to contribute better resources and revenue at the top and not just doing the lowest jobs for the lowest salaries.

These comments come at a time when the governement in about two weeks ago presented the country’s 2016 budget and economic statement, a statement that has been highly criticized by many women right activities and women economist that the budget did not make room for women related issues and how their contributions could effect changes in the economy.

Ms Arancha Gonzalèz tells that the International Trade Center as an organization has set out specific goals and policies that are aimed at including more women in business and connect them to the international market, thereby the September action call which is to mobilize one million women entrepreneurs together by the year 2020.

The call is not only to connect women in business but is an action call that can only be achieved if many countries as possible especially Africa for that matter Ghana commit to it, thereby creating a common platform for as many women to be involved in business and contribute to the economic growth of their respective countries.



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