As its MRJ regional jet pro?gramme approaches its sched?uled first flight in 2Q 2015, Mit?subishi Aircraft has released pictures of its flight test fleet in various stages of final assembly.
The pictures reveal a fully painted second flight test jet (MSN10002), without the ra?dome and engines. Mitsubishi says the aircraft has completed its wing to body join, and that the landing gear has also been attached.
The third flight test aircraft is meanwhile undergoing wing to body join. Pictures show that its horizontal stabilisers have not yet been attached.
The forward and mid-fuselage sections of the fourth flight test aircraft have also been fused. Mitsubishi says the section is now being painted.
The Japanese airframer will be using a fleet of seven test air?craft ? five in flight tests and two for ground tests – for its regional jet programme.
Mitsubishi has said that test modules such as envelop expan?sion, system tests, performance tests and icing tests will be con?ducted in the USA. These tests will be conducted at a flight test centre at Grant County Inter?national airport in Moses Lake, Washington.


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