Snoop Dogg (Lion), teams up with online retailer,, to launch his own ?SnooperMarket? ?a page on not only dedicated to selling Snoop-branded products and but also will showcase a small group of products. The site will be curated by Snoop and his family.


Snoop Dogg also will launch ?The Good Good,? a new TV ad campaign featuring him and his family. Snoop Lion?s single, ?The Good Good? featuring Iza Lach, off his new album Reincarnated, plays over the ad storyline.

?This was an inspired collaboration,? said CEO Patrick Byrne. ?The collaboration between Snoop Lion and turned out to be much more effective than either party imagined at the outset.?

The company produced ads featuring musicians Jason Mraz, Ne-Yo, bluegrass duo Joey and Rory, as well as professional basketball player Carlos Boozer.


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