airtel divas

Airtel Divas

Airtel Ghana has encouraged its female employees to help improve society.

The call was made at a short ceremony to commemorate International Women?s Day and to re-launch the company?s Divas programme at its head office in Accra.

Airtel Divas is an internal initiative by Airtel Ghana aimed at nurturing and empowering female employees of the company to excel both at the workplace and society at large.

Welcoming the participants, Human Resources and Administrative Director of Airtel Ghana, Tina Muparadzi, said one of Airtel Ghana?s goals for the Divas programme is to develop and implement capacity enhancement programmes that focus on the unique needs of female employees to help build their confidence, as well as prepare them to move up the career ladder.

According to her, such training and development programmes would be provided not only by the Human Resources Department but women in management positions at Airtel who will counsel, coach and mentor young women.

The special guest of honour for the programme, Regina Agyare, a computer software developer and social entrepreneur, who is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Soronko Solutions, challenged women to have a ?can do? attitude both in the corporate world and in communities in which they live.

The biggest challenge facing young ladies of today is their inability to overcome the ?man?s world syndrome,? she said.

She therefore encouraged participants to be bold in taking initiatives that will bring change and impact society positively.

Airtel also donated an amount of GH?2,000 to support Soronko?s CSR initiative called Tech needs girls, which aims at encouraging girls to take up careers in technology.


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