Paul Kagame
President Kagame

Safety and security in Rwanda tops other governance indicators, according to the latest edition of the Rwanda governance score card.?

Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame


According to the findings Service Delivery was found to be the worst performing indicator. Law and Justice emerged as the best reforming indicator in the 2014 scorecard.
The report that was released on Friday showed that out of the eight indicators measured, six scored above 75 percent.
Speaking to local reporters on Saturday Professor Anastase Shyaka, CEO of the Rwanda Governance Board, said that the Rwanda governance score card was introduced to assess the country’s governance systems.
“Through the identification of areas for improvement and actionable recommendations, the Rwanda Governance Scorecard serves as a practical tool which drives governance policy reforms in Rwanda,” he said.
He noted that Rwanda experienced dark period in the 1994 where there was no security and the safety of citizens depended on God’s mercy, but now the country is one of the peaceful nations in Africa.
Safety and security emerged top performer with an average score of 91.6 percent accrued from the four sub-indicators; maintaining security, national security, personal and property safety and reconciliation and social cohesion.
Rwanda minister of local government Francis Kaboneka called on the sectors which continue to perform poorly to try hard and reach at a desired level.
Data from this publication offer an opportunity for lessons learnt and how to implement related recommendations.
The first Rwanda Governance Scorecard was released in 2010, followed by a second in 2012. A unique and significant aspect of the scorecard is that it utilizes a wide range of new, locally generated data sources, such as citizen perception and satisfaction surveys and detailed institutional data, which are often not considered by external indexes. Enditem




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