OR Tambo International Airport
OR Tambo International Airport

Security has been tightened at the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg following the death of a stowaway, authorities said on Friday.
This came after a stowaway, who clung to the undercarriage of a British Airways plane departing Johannesburg, fell to his death in London on Friday, the Airport Company of South Africa (ACSA) said.
Another man, found in the undercarriage of a plane, survived and was discovered when the plane landed. He was critically injured and sent to a London hospital.

OR Tambo International Airport
OR Tambo International Airport

The survivor managed to hold on to the plane during the 12, 800km/10 hour flight, authorities said.
This was the first occurrence of an incident of this nature at OR Tambo International Airport in the last 10 years, the ACSA said.
“We are working closely with local and British authorities to establish the facts around the incident,” the company said.
The victim was aged between 25 and 30, while the survivor is 24, authorities said.
An investigations has been launched by the British and local authorities.
“At this stage I can say that the investigation is still continuing between the British authorities and local authorities in terms of identifying who the stowaways were,” ACSA spokesperson Colin Naidoo said.
“Certainly areas of access, that’s where our security agencies are more prominent in terms of this incident to ensure that an occurrence does not happen and that’s why the police are also deployed in those areas to ensure that access areas are well guarded,” Naidoo said. Enditem



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