President John Evans Atta Mills
President John Evans Atta Mills

The ongoing biometric registration exercise has witnessed so much muscle-flexing, sabre-rattling and even bloodletting by so-called machomen on the payroll of unscrupulous politicians, their supporters and activists.

Unnecessary as they are, the President and Commander-In-Chief owes it a duty to ensure their cessation by issuing clear, sincere, fair and unambiguous orders to the Police.

The Police, it appears, have been overwhelmed by the level of political interference in their management of the ensuing challenges through the obnoxious “order from above” syndrome.

They must be given clear orders and an assurance to enforce the law to the letter, regardless of whose ox is gored.

As a people, we entertain such uncivil developments to the detriment of our internal security.

The stories emanating from the various parts of the country suggest a breakdown of law and order of a sort, a situation attributable to either a lukewarm policing module or a biased Commander-In-Chief engulfed by a cloud of darkness.

Such pockets of lawlessness constitute an important recipe for chaos and even avoidable upheaval. It behooves President Mills to give honest and fair orders to the Police on how to contain the situation so that the fear element which some politicians seek to plant is eliminated.

Mishandling the emerging confusion through bias would cause disaffection and a dangerous loss of confidence in the Commander-In-Chief’s ability to direct the affairs of the country.

We do not want to believe that the unfolding developments are symptoms of worse things to come; when the president is unable to assure his people of peace and consistently exhibits symptoms of bias, he would be driving the country to an abyss, a destination we should by all means avoid as a people.

President Mills should remember the promise he made to the outside world about his determination to ensure a peaceful Election 2012. The ingredients for peaceful elections appear to be evaporating with such speed that we are beginning to doubt whether he can ensure a peaceful and cohesive Ghana in the days before the forthcoming polls.

Since nobody has a monopoly over violence, there can be no guarantee that those whose rights are being trampled upon and assaulted would not respond.

Firmness and sincerity are critical cornerstones of managing the internal security of a polarised Ghana.

It might not even be necessary to bring in soldiers to contain the situation when the President presents himself as a neutral Commander-In-Chief obsessed more with the cohesiveness of the country than his parochial political interest.

The political leadership should not only restrain their supporters but counsel them to be civil while the Police should be careful in their handling of the situations.

The radio stations dotted all over the country should be encouraged to avoid hate broadcasts; the tendency by unscrupulous DCEs, MCEs, parliamentary candidates and party executives to interfere with the editorial policies of such stations in their districts and constituencies since such acts could lead us into destruction.

The Police should be wary of resorting to firearms as this could cause avoidable reactions from an overwhelming population.

The responsibility of ensuring peace and cohesiveness of Ghana lies largely in the bosom of the President, the Number One Citizen who would account for whatever happens to a tranquil and whole Ghana when he was put at the helm. It is a test he must decide to pass or fail. A word to the wise is enough.


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