naomi-judd-larry-strickland?Naomi Judd has been with her husband, Larry Strickland, for 34 years and married for 24. In the new issue of?Closer Weekly, she reveals her secret for making it work: ?Separate bathrooms!?

?The country star laughed as she told the mag how she swears by having their own bathrooms before delving further into the secret behind their connection. ?We come from common backgrounds,? she explains. ?Larry and I are both from a family of six, very blue-collar. He worked in the tobacco fields every summer. My daddy had his own gas station and taught me the hard-work ethic. Larry is the most humble person I?ve ever met.?

The down-to-earth couple don’t have swanky plans for their 25th?wedding anniversary this May either. It isn?t their style.??We might go to Red Lobster. I?m tired of Cracker Barrel,? Naomi laughs. ?We are so normal. Right now, he?s out on a Bush Hog [mower] on the farm and the big excitement is he found a rattler last week. That?s how we live.?




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