The first scene from the upcoming season 5 of ?Once Upon a Time? was shared at Disney?s D23 on Saturday, August 15 to hype up anticipation for the show?s return. The video has now landed online for fans? viewing pleasure.

It picks up where the season 4 finale left off, with Emma taking on the powers of the Dark One to save Regina. ?How could she be so stupid?? Regina asks, despite knowing that Emma did it to save her. She adds, ?Now she?s a problem for all of us.?

Hook tries to use the dagger to summon Emma, but she won?t show up. ?She?s not in this world,? Regina points out.

Two other promos for the new season have also been released, both highlighting Emma?s transformation into the Dark Swan.

?Once Upon a Time? returns with new episodes starting Sunday, September 27 at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.

? AceShowbiz.com


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