One of the most biologically rich bodies of water in the world is the Sea of Cortez or the Gulf of California. It flows through southwest Arizona, the Southern California Baja peninsula and the Sonora region of Mexico. The land surrounding the Sea of Cortez has rich soil and agricultural activities are common. The surrounding region, including Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point, Mexico, has benefited due to an increase in tourism and fishing. Come to Puerto Penasco, rent a luxury condo by the Sea of Cortez at Laguna Shores Resort and have the time of your life!

Because of the varying depths of the waters and a wide range of tidal activities across the area, the Sea of Cortez is a perfect breeding ground and a home to a large variety of flora and fauna – dolphins, whales, birds, snakes, underwater plants, sea animals etc.


It is also a feeding ground and the birthplace of many rare marine species, 32 exotic species of sea mammals, 3000 species of invertebrates, 170 species of seabirds and 800 species of fish all live in the area. There are many inlets and islands in the sea which are home to colorful and near-extinct birds and animals. In fact several regions have been declared as a natural biosphere reserve. One of the most interesting historical facts about this ocean is that it is the youngest sea in the world – yet is so abundant and vibrant when it comes to flora and fauna.

There are many shallow regions where beautiful and exquisite coral reef can be found in and around Puerto Penasco. Usually coral are found in the shades of brown and gray but here, it is you can see the corals in colors you might not even know existed!

Two of the largest whales in the world can be spotted here – blue whales and fin whales.

In fact, some excursions and whale observers will take tourists to particular spots for whale watching. The world’s largest fish species, the whale shark, can also be seen in certain areas in the Sea of Cortez. Vaquitas – one of the rarest and most endangered Porpoises – are also occasionally seen. And of course, common dolphins are abundant in these waters, especially near the coast of Puerto Penasco.

Visit Puerto Penasco and take advantage of everything the Sea of Cortez has to offer!

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