7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies has on Thursday 13th October, 2017, launched the 10th year anniversary celebration in commemoration of their late founder, Apostle-Elder Enoch Ofori, whose demise occurred in Kumasi, ten years ago, at the SNIIT conference room, Adum-Kumasi,

Until the demise of the widely acclaimed Apostle of God, and a keen writer of many books in the year 2007, he had established branches of 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies almost across the length and breath of the country, numbering over 60.

The spiritual leader of the Church, Elder Enoch Ofori Junior, who took the headship in the year 2007 through visions and spiritual discernment of all the Church Elders, and also a true son of the late Apostle Elder Enoch Ofori, schooled Journalists on the background history of the Church and as well as the impact the late founder has had in the lives of the congregation.

According to him, the act of living a holy live by members of the Church, emanated from the spiritual and righteous teachings of the late founder.

This, he said has however ensured that, members live a responsible and righteous lives wherever they find themselves, having it in mind about the second coming of Christ.

However, Elder Enoch Ofori Junior, emphasized on the need for Christians of today to live an exemplary life, befitting Christ, in order to be able to impact positively on others.

Nonetheless, Elder Enoch Junior, enlightened participants about the inception of the Church in 1967, and noted that, the late Founder initially named the Church Christ Holy Church.

This he explained, was based on a vision the Founder had from God that, Christians have been called out to live holy and righteous lives and thus, the name Christ Holy Church.

Consequently, by another directive from God to the late Elder Enoch Ofori through a vision in 1970, the Church, was finally named 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies. Adding that, by then, the late Apostle had had an affiliation with an American Evangelist by name Elder Gray, who was head of the Association of 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies in the United States of America (USA).

The Church has however, grown through the Grace of God from then through to what we currently see in today’s 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies, with about 70 branches worldwide, highlighting one in Kenya, Benin, Philippines and still counting.

However, Elder Enoch Junior reiterated on the Church’s commitment to continue the good works of God and also ensue the founder’s Evangelical efforts.

The climax of the whole year’s commemoration of the Founder, he said, will be on the last week of December, where the church would go on a float through the principal streets of Kumasi and as well as have a holy convocation, to share the Biblical truth about the end time to all and sundry.

Though they are spiritually inclined, other activities in line of the celebration includes; medical screening and health walk, to check the physical and health status of the congregation.

Meanwhile, they seized the opportunity of the hour, to launch the church’s new App on Google play store, where you can find and as well watch both old and new Gospel messages and other activities of the late founder, the Current leader and other leaders of the Church on the platform.

By:Sammy Adjei/Newsghana.com.gh


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