The East Ghana Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church has inaugurated the Adventist Men?s Organization (AMO) in the Suhum Municipality.

The innaugural ceremony was under the theme, ?Revival for the mission, renewing passion for soul winning.?

According to the Director of the East Ghana Conference of the Adventist men?s organization Pastor Felix Abu-Gyimah Wiredu indicated they decided to institute a branch in Suhum so as to help equip them in their mission work.

He also indicated that their mission will be to help the needy in communities, ensures church growth, organize communal labor in most communities, organize blood donation to hospitals, build houses, and donate food items, clothes to the less privilege and disabilities in our society.

The Adventist men?s organization has taken it upon themselves to come together as one body in Christ to bring development to deprived community, and to preach the good news as an evangelism, especially areas where there are no church.

Pastor Felix urged Christians to help each other in diverse ways, and eschew the character of selfishness, indicating that ?offering is better than sacrifice.?




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