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In its new issue, on newsstands now, In Touch’s extensive investigation includes exclusive documents and interviews that depict Scott’s shockingly cushy life behind bars.

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“Scott is doing wonderfully. He’s found a life behind bars,” his father, Lee Peterson, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview.

“We talk all the time and he’s always in good spirits,” says Lee, adding that Scott wants to have kids someday and is craving “a normal life.”

Through the Freedom of Information Act, In Touch has obtained documents, including Scott’s commissary log. [hyperlinked to web] While other inmates chow down on fatty prison food, he splurges on pricey options from the commissary, including fat-free milk, smoked scallops and oysters, granola, multivitamins and sugar-free honey.

Scott also keeps regular with “natural fiber,” buys whey protein tablets favored by bodybuilders and even recently shelled out for a $17 extension cord.

Journalist Nancy Mullane was given access to the maximum-security prison for her book, Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption, and spent time observing Scott. “He has the ability to walk around and interact with other inmates,” she tells In Touch.

“When I saw Scott, he was playing basketball. He didn’t look depressed. He looked like someone you’d see on the street playing basketball,” says Mullane. “He had his shirt off and his boxer shorts up. He wasn’t ripped, but he looked healthy. He was having a good time.”

Scott’s legal appeal is slowly making its way through the system — but attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Scott’s former mistress and key witness in his prosecution, Amber Frey, tells In Touch that Scott is exactly where he’s supposed to be. “The jury found Scott guilty and he was sentenced to death. There shouldn’t be another trial,” says Allred. “Justice has already been served.”

For more on this investigation, including quotes from his “good friend” who visits him regularly in jail, pick up the latest issue of In Touch magazine, on newsstands now!



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