Teacher Jennifer McCullum, 38, admits to having sex with student, 17

HATTIESBURG (AP) – Petal High School teacher has found guilty of sleeping with  one of her  17-year-old student led to five years of probation on top of five days in jail she already served last year..


Teacher Jennifer McCullum, 38, asked for forgiveness for her admitted crime of sexual relationship with a student while in a position of authority.

The high school teacher has been charged for five years of probation on top of five days in prison she already served last yr.

According to Ms, Section Superintendent Bob Buchanan, all the accidents took place off the Petal Great University building in Hattiesburg.

Jennifer McCullum was accused by a Forrest County grand jury in May, 2010

According to her accusation, the sex-related activity took place between Nov 1, 2009, and Jan, 13, 2010, reports The Hattiesburg American.

Bob Buchanan said that Jennifer was revoked after the district were advised about the claims and an investigation was released.

He informed The Hattiesburg American: ‘Once there was enough proof to confirm the claim (Jennifer McCullum’s) agreement was terminated.’

All the incidents are believed to have occurred off the Petal High School premises in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

He included that Petal High School district also won in having her teaching certification revoked through the Mississippi Department of Education.

The accused school teacher also was requested to pay a $2,500 fine and a $100 assessment to the Mississippi Crime Victims Compensation Fund.



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