Some assembly members are alleging that GHȼ90,000.00 was spent monthly on the police and military detachment for five months.

The District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr. Paul Averu, sharply discounts the figure and insists that averagely GHȼ70,000.00 was spent and that they had even put in a claim for reimbursement by the National Security Council.

An attempt by more than one-third of the membership of the assembly to pass a resolution, authorizing an investigation into the matter in line with the Standing Orders, on Tuesday, ended in violent clashes – throwing of punches.

The Presiding Member, Mr. Agyemang Prempeh, was forced to call off the meeting.

One of the members, Mr. Derick Amoah, pushing for thorough investigation to determine how much went into the maintenance of the security personnel accused the DCE of not being transparent in the assembly’s spending.

Again, he claimed Mr. Averu, had failed to account for the money realized from the commercial use of a tractor bought by the assembly.

Additionally, he was misusing the official vehicle, resulting in frequent breakdown and high repair costs.

Mr. Averu, however, denied any wrong doing and told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that this was an attempt to throw mud at him – a smear campaign, something, which would not work.

He said revenue generated through the hiring out of the tractor was paid to the assembly’s account and not to him.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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