wpid-muhammadubuhari.jpgKNOW THESE:

Mandela was sent to Prison for his people; Buhari sent his people to prison…

Mandela did only one term as president; Buhari has been fighting since 2003 to rule Nigeria again after his first in 1983.
Mandela was a freedom fighter; Buhari is a
Mandela was called a Terrorist; Buhari has soft-
spots for Terrorists.
Mandela fought for all South Africans (White, Black etc); Buhari is a tribal leader that cares only about his tribe.
Mandela doesn’t care about your religion; Buhari is a religious fanatic.
Mandela was globally acceptable; Buhari has been
rejected by Nigerians many times.
If don’t like my story above, tell yours with facts instead of fighting me!!!

Mazi Odera


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