Child Abuse

As part of its efforts of combating sexual abuse against Children in Ghana, Child Rights International, has taken another judicious step by launching a campaign dubbed: “SAY IT”.

The “SAY IT” Campaign is aimed at encouraging children who have been through or are still going through sexual harassment with family members, teachers or strangers to report in order to receive an immediate assistance.

Briefing Journalists at a press conference in Accra, the Executive Director of Child Rights International Mr. Bright Appiah, disclosed that Child Sexual Abuse has skyrocketed over the years.

“Within the space of 4 years 5752 cases relating to sexual abuse against Children have been reported, while several others are never brought to the attention of authorities,” he disclosed.
It is alarming to know that most perpetrators of sexual abuse are not strangers but rather people who are often known to the children and live their immediate environment.

According to him, there have been situations where child sexual abuses have had repercussions on the children even in adulthood. It is alarming to know that boys are just as equally abused as girls.

“Most children who experience sexual abuse are unable to narrate or share their experience with people in their environments due to the fear of being victimized and so and so we hereby use this occasion to congratulate the boldness exhibited by the students of Ejisuman Senior High School for boldly sharing their experiences in order to save other students.

For this purpose, CRI is introducing the ‘SAY IT ‘Campaign to encourage children who have been through or are still going through sexual harassment with family members , teachers or even strangers to swiftly report in order to receive assistance,” he explained.

This he said, the perpetrators must be castigated in order to serve as a deterrent to others.

Mr. Appiah, also called on the media to report ethically on sexual abuse and molestation cases in order not to scare children into silence due to the fear of victimization or being identified.

THE HELPLINE IS 0560124001

The purpose of this helpline is to reach out to such children and assist them with medical help and counselling.

And also, ensure that they get the needed attention. More so, the helpline will be active 24/7 to assist children and connect them to appropriate institutions that can get them out of the situation.

Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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