Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was founded in the 16th century on the ruins of an Inca city and stands at an altitude of 2,850 m. Despite being struck by a catastrophic earthquake, the city has the best-preserved, least altered historic centre in Latin America. The monasteries of San Francisco and Santo Domingo, and the Church and Jesuit College of La Compañía, with their rich interiors, are pure examples of the ‘Baroque school of Quito’, which is a fusion of Spanish, Italian, Moorish, Flemish and indigenous art.

Treasurable Sights

Visit intriguing sights exploring unique buildings that are treasure troves of delightful history while boarding Cheap Flights to Quito. Residential neighborhoods, the ‘Guapulo Mirador’, the Culture House and the Legislative Palace are places where you can appreciate the history of Ecuador through the famous rock murals.

The Gran Colombia Avenue, the Basilica Church is few of the treasurable sights. Pay visit to the ‘San Juan Mirador’ and enjoy breathtaking views of colonial Quito. Walk through the colonial streets; stopping at the Independence Plaza admiring the cathedral, the Government’s Palace and the Archiepiscopal Palace. Visit the Company Church, the Sagrario Church and the San Francisco Church, which was built during the 17th century. Also head out to the ‘Panecillo Mirador’, the most famous hill of Quito, where you can capture pictures of both colonial and modern Quito. Take the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum of Quito observing antique Inca jewels, gold objects, handcrafts from the Inca time and one of the oldest mummies of Ecuador and Middle of the World Monument, built during the 17th century when a French Expedition defined the precise location of the equatorial line. also visit the Ethnographic Museum, which depicts the various ethnic groups that inhabit Ecuador while booking Flights to Quito.

Exploring the Blissful Horizons

The capital metropolis of Ecuador blessed with nature and close proximity of Andes is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like walking and hiking. Mountain climbing is an interesting opportunity of exploring the Andes with a once in a lifetime opportunity of getting a close view of an active volcano. Explore the summits of Andes by flying Quito Flights. Quito is also a bird watchers paradise. Rare bird species can be spotted in blissful ambience of the city. Quito, nature’s paradise has numerous natural reserves that house various species of land animals, aquatic animals, and birds. The wide range of animal species from the Amazon tropical forests can be seen in Ecuador.

Tantalizing Flavours

Ecuadorian cuisine is a brew of native tastes plus the influence of the Spanish flavours. Along with Ecuadorian and Latin American cuisine, there are Italian, American, Japanese cuisines offered in the various restaurants. With Flights to Quito savor the tantalizing and soul serving flavours.

Captivating Offerings

Capture the essence of the indigenous people of Ecuador admiring the ‘Jacchigua’ folkloric ballet. Get captivated by the unique customs and traditions, colorful costumes and entertaining performances ensure you savor the memory forever. Various types of treatments can be enjoyed in the blissful ambience boarding Cheap Flights to Quito, like aromatherapy, mineral spa treatment, and thermal spa treatment can be enjoyed in the blissful metropolis. Strikingly colorful pottery, rugs and eye-catching Incanesque jewelry made by indigenous artisans from across Ecuador are sold in independent boutiques. Markets are chaotic and tough to choose. A durable Homero Ortega Panama hat and a toasty-warm hand-woven alpaca sweater are delights to be taken home.

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