execution in Saudi Arabia

Eight people are needed for the world?s most bloodthirsty job: They must be Cold-eyed killers to be able to join the force and be granted the opportunity to work.

spyghana can confirm that the Saudis are executing so many people to the extent that they need EIGHT new recruits to help in their execution agenda.

The job requirements as advertised on the website of the Ministry of Civil Service are limited with the only role description being: ?religious functions,? ?implementation of the rule of murder by Islamic law after the issuance of the Islamic ruling,? and ?functions of the perpetrators of retribution [?] as required by the legal judgement.?

Saudi Arabia is among the world?s top executioners, with dozens being put to death annually, often by public beheading,.

According to Amnesty International? up to 44 executions were conducted in Saudi Arabia this year, reportedly four times the number of people executed in the Gulf Kingdom during the same period last year.



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