An official source at the Arab secret resistance movement???Hasm – noted recently that even if Al Saud regime was claiming officially not to like the idea of young Saudis going to fight Jihad in Syria, it was secretly sending young detainees to do just that.

(Ahlul?Bayt?News?Agency) – The source explained that the Saudi authorities were forcing young Saudi detainees to go into Syria to take part in a conflict they did not really understand, while their families were expectantly awaiting their return home, believing they were sitting in a Saudi prison on Saudi soil.

The source added that even though Saudi Arabia was carefully ensuring that all prisoners entered Syria without proper identification papers or apparent link to the Kingdom, news of such a plot were starting to circulate.

Smuggled through Turkey to enter Syria, the detainees are prevented from getting in touch with their families and they often die without their families being ever notified.

As violence continues in Syria, the number of dead also increases. Saudi Arabia said the source even refuses to ensure that its dead are returned back to their homeland for a proper burial, as they seek to cover its crimes.

Depending on the circumstances the state will claim that detainees were killed trying to escape, or that they escaped, or that they simply that its records make no mention of such people.

The source emphasized that only if detainees-fighters were to return alive to Saudi Arabia and tell the world what they had been put through by the regime will people in the Kingdom know of the truth.

He added that often the dead?s remains were burnt, as to leave no trace of their existence and presence on Syrian ground.



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