Accra, April 27, GNA – Mamaga Ngoyifiaga Akosua, Development Queenmother of SASADU Traditional Areas, in the Volta Region,  has observed that  gender justice was not only about giving equitable appointments or positions to  women; but it was also about equity in  society.
She said: “A transformative approach to women’s leadership is rooted in the values of embracing diversity on the basis of age, gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, religion and ability …”.
The Queenmother, A German, known in private life as Cornelia von Wulfing, said it has been her vision to set up a development association to champion the cause of women, establish a motivation programme for the youth and education programme on teenage pregnancy.

Mamaga Akosua  made the observation when speaking on the topic “Women’s Empowerment, Leadership and Gender Justice,” at the maiden meeting of the 21-member SASA Queenmothers Association (SASAQUA), in Accra.
The association comprises of  paramount Queenmothers and other Queenmothers from SASA, made up of of Sovie, Alavanyo, Saviefe and Akrofu traditional areas in the Volta Region, which would be inaugurated in May, 2012.
The platform is expected to unite and empower the Queen to fully participate in decision-making processes in their traditional areas.
It would accord them the opportunity to lead crusades as agents of change, complementing the efforts of their male counterparts in championing  sustainable socio-economic development of their areas through advocacy and other interventions.
The association christened on the slogan, “Unity for Development,” was founded by Mamaga Akosua and being sponsored by Mamaga Akosua Foundation.
Mamaga Akosua said that the association was not a gender advocate or a militant group that would fight to usurp the authority of chiefs and elders, but would complement efforts to bring development to the areas.
She said: “I was really surprised how positive my idea came over to some of the Paramount Chiefs of various areas in the Volta Region, when I spoke with them on the formation of this association. Some members of the Volta Region House of Chiefs already offered lectures during subsequent meetings. This encouraged me a lot, because not all of our goals and visions can be realised without men.
“I believe in women empowerment but for each individual it is sometimes difficult to realise ideas and visions. The circumstances of the daily village life, work and lack of financial resources, very often are hindrances to many activities, even for most of the traditional Queen”.
Mamaga Ametor II, Paramount Queenmother of Alavanyo Traditional Area, who developed guidelines for traditional leadership and advocacy, said several cultural and traditional barriers militated against women’s empowerment and leadership roles, which needed to be corrected through advocacy and acceptable norms and values.
She said the platform would help deepen the roles and contribution of women to development and raise gender issues that were affront to the development of women and society.
The association intends to establish a development endowment fund, specifically for women and children, to serve as a lifeline for social and economic empowerment in the value-chain process.
The members agreed to set up small scale projects in each traditional area, such as soap and pomade production, bakeries and beads production centres to serve as engine of growth and economic enhancement for women within the jurisdiction.



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