The items recovered included: five AK 47 rifles; two GPMG rifles; one rocket launcher, five rocket propellers; three rockets; 5830 AK 47 ammunition; 1135 rounds of GPMG rifle ammunition; 124 empty AK 47 magazines; one K2 rifle; two K2 empty magazines and one K2 round loaded magazine.

depiction -

depiction –

(From Nweke Nweke, Onitsha)

In pursuing to nail those who are said to have played one role or the other in the alleged kidnap of the Onitsah based business icon cum transporter, Chief Godwin U. Okeker to the cross, prosecution witness 3, Corporal Victor Edith attached to Special Anti- Robbery Squad, SARS Anambra State Police Command, yesterday mounted on Onitsha High Court 5?s witness box where through his evidence that is likely to hook the four defendants in the case went ahead and tendered the arsenal, terrorists? war materials were displayed  in an open court.

Although, there were professional legal battle between the defence counsels and the prosecution counsel, Barr. Chris Ajugwe over the tendering of the arms and ammunitions ranging from 5AK 47 rifles, 1 Rocket launcher 5Rocket Propellers, 3Rockets, 5830 AK 37 live ammunitions, 1135 Rounds of General Purpose machine Gun, GPMG live  ammunitions, 124 empty AK47 Magazines, 1 K2 rifle, 2 K2 empty magazines and 1 K2 Round loaded Magazine.

Before tendering the exhibits, the defence counsels to the accused persons fought with their last blood to ensure that the materials of war, kidnap and terrorism said to have been recovered from the armory of the 4-man-gang allegedly led by one Emeka Eze were not admitted as exhibits.

But on the contrary, proven that reverend fathers are kids in the morning mass, Barr Chris Ajugwe was able to convince the Court presided over by Justice Chudi Nwankwo that he was in the court for technicalities but for real business of the law hence the efforts made by his professional colleagues ended up in futility as the judge who head bent that the defence counsels can only convince the court not to admit the exhibits through the law and not by making history.

Contending that the displayed arsenal materials have no locus standi in the case, the defence counsels urged the court not allow it to be tendered on the grounds that it is the sole defensive weapons on the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Awkwuzu brought into the court to hang on the necks of their clients by the prosecution, they prayed the court to rule the matter in their favour on the bases that the claimants were unable to prove their prayers from the point of law.

Feeling uncomfortable over what happened in the court, the counsels of both sides sought in arguments that lasted for to an hour, the defence counsels were of the view that prosecution witness 3 (PW3) Corporal Victor Edith did not tender the spinier from the court of competent jurisdiction before giving his evidence even as they prayed the court not record the exhibits as sought to have been tendered.

However, all effort to divert the attention of the court by the counsels to the defendants hit at the rock as the stronger the moved, the more confident the court went on the point of law.

Carpeting defence counsels on the submissions of the exhibits, Barr Chris Ajugwe reminded the court that the PW2, Chief Godwin Okeke had during his stay in the witness box pointed out that the war materials as displayed in the court were the items the defendants according to him were used in kidnapping him in 2009. The PW 3 also aliened himself with the witness of PW2, as the court later admitted the items as an exhibits.

But before admitting the exhibits, the presiding Judge, Justice Nwankwo frowned on the alleged rascality of the defence counsels whom the court blamed to have seemed never allow the case to advance to another level, recalling that he was not the first judge that has handled the matter, wondering why the case ought have been concluded before now has remained in the court since 2009 even to the detriment of the defendants who have been under confinement for close to six years.

Washing his hands off the case as that of the Biblical Pontus Pilate, Justices Chudi Nwankwo after warning the counsels to allow the face of the law to take preeminence, the respect judge however transferred the case to Onitsha High Court administration judge to decide on another judge that will handled the case.


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