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It’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because you don’t like what they are saying. Learn to recognize good writing when you read it, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable.

As one popular Actor said, Opinions are just like Assholes, everybody has one. So, you can choose to accept it and broaden your horizon or ignore it. Hence, we at would love to Share our opinion due to the investigations we’ve carried out on BET Award winner, Sarkodie to Ghanaians. But if you don’t agree with us in anyway, after reading this article, then you also have the right to hold to your opinion.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an untold and a factual Article about the “you go kill me hit-maker”, Sarkodie concerning how he’s been pretending to love the Ghetto president, Shatta Wale to win followers and lovers from the Ghanaian Islamic communities, since Shatta Wale influences almost 98 percentage of the Ghanaian Islamic communities with his lyrical vibes.

Today, I’m pointing on one of the massive hit tunes of Sarkodie, Illuminati;Three major Untold stories about that rap song, which proves to me ,that Sarkodie is a fan or s

a member of The Illuminati Society.Why I’m I saying that?

Sarkodie’s Illuminati tune was released two years ago in November. Illuminati, a great song, which the fastest rapper in the capital, spat in Twi ?language. And at one point reaching a tongue twisting lightening Speed, over big synthesizer on a Magnom produced beat. The song made Sarkodie a nominee in the BET Best African Art category, which he lost to Davido a few months ago.The song Illuminati also aided sarkodie to bring home the Best African Hip Hop artist Award and was nominated in the most gifted Video category of the Channelo Award. Indeed this should tell you that Sarkodie’s Illuminati tune is a very powerful and brawny rap Tune.

Now, have you ever thought of the Musical Strategy behind Sarkodie’s Illuminati song?
As I said in the first Article, Sarkodie is the most strategic artist in Ghana.You should know that, every single tune from Sarkodie has a told or an untold story behind it. Unlike other Ghanaian Artists, one thing that has made the BET Award winner the pillar of Ghanaian rap is that, he takes time to study the musical industry and comes out with a perfect plan and strategy to produce a hit song. Sarkodie also makes sure that, his lyrical vibes connects and relates to the society, both physically and psychologically.

Now, let me tell you the untold musical Strategy behind sarkodie’s Illuminati song. In the lyrics of the song, sarkodie denied the accusations of him being a member or fan of the illuminati society. But from my investigation and opinion, the strategy behind the song was to make Ghanaians believe that,the fastest rapper isn’t a fan of the society and at the Same time build a relationship with some powerful Western rappers in the Illuminati society; Remember Sarkodie used the same strategy to get close to shatta Wale, when he fakenly used the SM leader’s name as the tittle of one of his mix tapes. Now,since the song was rattled in the local language(twi),Ghanaian’s can easily understand what sarkodie was talking about,but frankly speaking, those from the Western world see the song to be an illuminati hype tune because, they don’t understand the lyrics of the song. All they could hear was the name “illuminati”, which was the hook of the song.Have you forgotten that, in terms of rap style, punch lines, lyrical vibes, fashion, stage performance and lifestyle, Sarkodie is inspired by Jay Z, Drake, lil Wayne and Kanye west? Sarkodie looks up to those guys. He sometimes, copies their rap lyrics and translates then into the Twi language. Tell me, Which Artist wouldn’t love to collaborate with his Role models? Sarkodie is willing to do whatever it takes to collaborate with his role models, even if it takes him to sell his Soul to the devil, because the music industry is full of challenges and competitions. Every Artist want to be the most powerful and richest among the thousands.

Even Gospel Artists want massive fame and money, how much more a Passionate hip hop rapper.

In deed, Sarkodie’s clever strategy behind his Illuminati song has got him globally recognized.


Secondly, lets talk about Sarkodie’s Illuminati video. I know 90 percent of the Ghanaian population watched that video with blind eyes. How many of you guys concentrated on the Concept of the video? If I should quote some lyrics in sarkodie’s illuminati song;…first na monka mas3m.eFris3 na me ne bi.3nd3 cash aba nti,mob3 fr3 me illuminati……the lyrics was talking about how sarkodie wasn’t regarded when he was struggling for success and the perception that people have about him as an Illuminati, ever since he became successful. Well I’m just wondering, did the concept of the video suit the lyrics in the song? All I saw was Sarkodie on a desert Showing a flashy car and diamonds; portraying how rich one can be, if you are a members of the secrete society. Also, I saw a snake and a scorpion in the video, which was out of video concept. In fact, the Illuminati video was a vessel to hype the illuminati society because, nothing in the video portrayed how Sarkodie started from the bottom to the top. Again, I can boldly say that, the concept behind the video was to hype and promote the secrete society.

Finally my last point is based on the track cover of the illuminati song. Sarkodie can put out a

Million tracks denying that, he isn’t a fan or a members of the secrete society, but he can’t deceive me particularly, when he keeps on flashing the Illuminati signs and logos in his videos and songs. Moreover, the hype he put into his Illuminati song just further promoted Illuminati images and logos. Why was it so important to use an Illuminati logo as the track cover of the Illuminati tune?

He just further made it cool for his fans and followers to rock the logo by printing it on their T-shirts and even used it as their profile picture online. Hence, that definitely promoted the Illuminati logo because, the fact that the track cover of the song was attached to the free download file, which most of Sarkodie’s fans didn’t know how to delete it, made the Sarkodierians to keep seeing that logo till it numbed their brains to such disturbing logo.


In fact, only critical thinkers like me, will realize that Sarkodie’s Illuminati video and song was mainly shot and composed to hype and promote the Illuminati society, but not vice versa.

Sarkodie must be aware that, actions are louder than words. Hence, he must stop portraying the Illuminati signs, images and logos in his creative works, if he claims he isn’t a fan or a member of the society, or he Should boldly come out and open up to Ghanaian’s and stop composing fake gospel tunes to cover up the truth. In short,?many might be blind, but we at are simply not.

Well as I said, it?s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. This is my investigation and opinion. You can also stick to your opinion if you don’t agree with me.
Well, my next Article about Sarkodie is going to be a bomb and a shock to Ghanaians, as I reveal the deepest Secrete behind Sarkodie’s Success with an Audio and a Video proof. Keep your eyes on the blog!

Watch Sarkodie Illuminati Video:


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