So far, Sarkodie?s ?New Guy? track he did with Ace Hood has had mixed reactions from fans. Most didn?t like the track at the beginning, but fell in love with the video. The collaboration wasn?t so awful after all. The video now has 295,026 views since its release on the 14th June to date. That?s a lot of Youtube money there, and more to come since it?s only been 9 days.

The video has its pros and cons, and as to why Ace Hood has still not promoted the track, he still hasn?t made a statement, but you can read: 10 theories on why Ace Hood is not promoting the New Guy music track and video he did with Sarkodie! here.

In this article we shall look at 5 International artistes Sarkodie should feature next time. I believe while reading this, you must already have an artiste in mind. His name begins with a ?K?, and a lot of Sark fans cannot wait for this collabo to happen, since this dude is Sarkodie?s very own role model.

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: Kanye West on the runway at the adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1 fashion show during New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 12, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for adidas)

1. Kanye West ? On the Tim Westwood show, Sarkodie had revealed to us, that Kanye West was his role model, and someone who really inspires him a lot. Sark has since been running up and down looking like Kanye, and a feature would not only do fans good, but Sarkodie would enjoy time spent with Mr.West, and learn a lot.

kendrick lamar birthday

2. Kendrick Lamar ? Wow, another artiste whose name also begins with a ?K?. These Ks never stop surprising us. In order to be ranked with the best, you?ve got to compete with the best. We?ve seen Sarkodie get on a track with Phyno, one of Africa?s best rated rappers, and yet still, dude was able to see above water in the track titled ?Believe?. Kendrick Lamar has proven to be the next ?Pac?, so why not the ?To Pimp A Butterfly? rapper, if Sark really wants to be known as one of the greats internationally, despite the language barrier.


3. Casper Nyovest ? If Sarkodie did ?Millionaire Champagne? with MI & Ice Prince, also did ?Gunshot? with Davido, and other tracks with AKA, Burna Boy, Wizkid, Banky W and other big names in the music industry, then why not bump on a track with Casper Nyovest from South Africa. You?ve heard ?Doc Shebeleza? right? Yeah that?s the man on the hit track, and fans would love this collabo since Casper already has lots of fans in Ghana.


4. Drake ? Drake?s music tracks always end up on top of the charts. With Drake who?s so commercial, Sark wouldn?t need to think twice about whether people are going to love the track, as compared to what he did with Ace. Drake did a track with the Migos, and ever since they?ve been relevant. Same with ILoveMakonnen and The Weeknd. He promotes even his features. A video with Drake would definitely get airtime on the B.E.T.

eminem oo

5. Eminem? If Sarkodie did a track with Eminem who?s been considered the best rapper of all time by many, he wouldn?t need to be bothered about the language barrier. Eminem is so fast many don?t understand him, so what?s wrong with going with twi here? lol. All we would have to look out for, is who had the best flow.

vic mensa

6. Vic Mensa ? If you can?t get a white man, you try an albino, so if Sark can?t get Sarkodie, why not try Vic Mensa whose music is just like Kanye?s and they both get you in the same mood, plus Vic Mensa has a Ghanaian dad, so that?s something to relate to. Vic was just signed to Jay Z?s Roc Nation label anyways.

taylor swift bill

7. Taylor Swift ? Anyone could argue about what Taylor Swift has got to do in this lift. We understand, and music wise, they wouldn?t even fit on a track. But lets look at Taylor Swift?s ?magic?. Taylor Swift gave Kendrick Lamar his first Billboard Hot 100 No.1  spot position, so why can?t she do it again with Sarkodie? All they need to do is cough on the track. Oh, i?m just kidding, maybe not a number 1 spot, but that girl does wonders. We probably would not live to see a track from these two in our lifetime, but a push from Taylor would give Sarkodie that worldwide recognition instantly.


8. Nicki Minaj ? If there?s a female rapper to consider bumping on a track with, you can?t leave this barbie out of the list. Over the years, even Cassidy has tipped Nicki Minaj for preserving the hip hop culture, and even claimed she?s harder than most men in the game. We guess so! Sark has featured too many guys, so maybe it?s time to give Nicki the pay check instead.

p square

9. P-Square ?  P-Square have won 17 awards to date, and one can easily use ?P-Square? as a synonym for ?African Music Success? anytime. These Nigerian guys sell! Remember ?Chop my money?, ?E no easy?, ?Beautiful Onyinye?, ?Collabo? and more, these are all international hit singles, and P-Square after several years still have that musical gift we?ve known them for. A collabo would make headlines, and fans can?t wait.

jay z expensive

10. Jay Z ? Who said we were leaving Jay Z out of this list? ?Hov? rarely releases music tracks these days, and the streets are hungry for one. Getting Jay Z on a track is not about having the biggest pay check, and Sarkodie would have to move mountains to get this done, but in a long while, it would really pay off. We rarely hear of straight African artistes collaborating with Jay, but Sarkodie could lead the trend, and that would mean there?s a lot for him to prove, but we believe in our greatest rapper thus far.



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