New Picture (3)There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. There’s none so blind as those who will not listen. Hence, you can still remain a fool by believing the exact Opposite of what we at have for you.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an Article about BET Award winner, Sarkodie’s illuminati song and the Hype that it created for the illuminati society. Critical thinkers who took time to?Analyze and Bisect the Article, came into?conclusion?that, indeed Michael Owusu Addo, well known as Sarkodie is a member of the Illuminati?Society, whiles the deaf and blind ones kept sending me message threats and insults on Social media.

Just around 1:00pm today, The “you go Kill me” hit maker posted a photo on his facebook timeline. An image?which many who have eyes but are mentally blind will say its Creative and amazing but critical thinkers like me, will see it to be an illuminati image. Again, Sarkodie is promoting and hyping the secrete society. This time around, he decided not to use songs, or videos but via his facebook page. Sarkodie managed to confuse his Fans by adding this caption to the image “The picture is not a parrot but a woman in bodypaint posing so she looks exactly like a parrot….#Creativity?look at it well” Clever Sarkodie!!….shm.. Sure, I can clearly see that, the image consist of a woman in bodypaint posing, but after staring at the picture for two minutes, I asked myself, “what is the illuminati logo (The All seeing eye) which consist of a pyramid and a human eye, doing in the image Sarkodie posted?” Again, If not to hype and promote the secrete society, what’s the main idea behind the image and why did sarkodie post it on his facebook timeline?

I said in my first Article, If sarkodie is a member of the secrete society, he must open up to Ghanaians and stop being a coward or he must stop posting such disturbing images and Logos, if he is not, because we don’t need the Devil in our lives. You can imagine the number of People who will use the image sarkodie posted today as their profile pictures and at the same time print it on their T-Shirts for fun.

Now could it be that, Sarkodie posted this image on his timeline to promote the illuminati society or perhaps He posted it to earn the Media’S attention? I will surely ask him and Let you guys know…Keep your eyes on the Blog!

written by Qillagh.


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